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I’ve just come back from Bridging Friends Forever (BFF) Camp 2013 hosted by Girl Guides New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island at Snider Mountain Ranch near Sussex, NB.  Now that I’ve had a bunch of naps, I have so many stories to tell you.

There’s one about the great friends I got to see again.

BFF 2013 Mary Dawn Cara1

Photo Credit: Dawn MacNeill
Mary, Dawn and Me at the closing ceremony

BFF 2013 Deb

Deb’s photo is a little fuzzy… but she never sits still so that’s not unexpected. =)

BFF 2013 Lisa and the feathers1

Here’s Lisa and her feathers!

BFF 2013 Bridget

And my new friend Bridget – I can’t forget Bridget. =)

And the one about how important it is to work with a dedicated and hardworking team.  Thanks to our fearless leader Kim, and my co-volunteers Melanie and Shawna for doing such an awesome job – and for making it fun along the way.

BFF Kitchen Crew (without me) serving popcorn one night.  =)  Kim, Shawna, and Mel.

Guiders of the BFF Kitchen Crew (without me) serving popcorn one night. =) Kim, Melanie and Shawna.

That’s especially important when you’re serving 600 breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks!  (It wasn’t just the four of us, Snider Mountain Ranch staff and family members did the catering and we all worked together to make this work in the Guiding way).

BFF 2013 Snider Mountain Ranch Dining Hall1

The dining hall – made especially for us. I think it is going to be moved to shelter horses after we leave.

BFF 2013 Evacuation Drill1

600 of my closest friends. =)

There’s another story about a World Record!  Girls, Guiders, and Guiding friends from NB, PEI, across Canada and even from around the world made an incredible 19,953 Bracelets (the old record was 8,000!).

BFF 2013 World Record Bracelets1

World’s longest chain of bracelets. BFF Camp 2013.

BFF 2013 Heidi Bracelets1

My new friend Heidi (aka Blackie) and her bracelets. She started it all and did an amazing job. So very cool.

There’s yet another story about Hat Crafts and Traders.  You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing the distinctive BFF camp hats – all covered in traders.  Girls really got into this (so did staff at Snider Mountain Ranch … they now plan to incorporate it into their regular non-Guiding program).

One of the neatest ones I saw was the Dragonfly Knot.

And this one called “My pet Mummy. No food. No water. No litter. No mess.”  Very cute.

BFF 2013 hat crafts traders1

Then there are stories about what I learned at camp … you get lots of neat ideas for what to do another time.

Neat boot dryer idea.

Neat boot dryer idea.

And even more stories about how beautiful the province of New Brunswick is.   I arrived about 24 hours before I needed to get to camp so I visited Shediac and Parlee Beach.  I got to enjoy fresh clams, fish and chips and even muscles.  So yummy.

Before Camp Cara Parlee Beach

Me on Parlee Beach in my rain gear. I like rainy blustery days by the sea. =)

Parlee Beach, NB.  On this rainy day, I had the beach all to myself.  I got to walk for an hour to the sound of the waves.  It was pretty wonderful.

Parlee Beach, NB. On a rainy day before Camp started, I had the beach all to myself. I got to walk for an hour to the sound of the waves. It was pretty wonderful.

And also how beautiful Snider Mountain Ranch is – especially early in the morning.

BFF 2013 Foggy Morning1

Kitchen staff get up early enough to take fog pictures.

BFF 2013 the bridge1

The footbridge over to the Rocky Mountain camp.

BFF 2013 Snider Mountain

Everyone heading back up the hill after an evacuation drill.

I had a fantastic time.  Thank you to Girl Guides New Brunswick/PEI.  Until we meet again.

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For those of us who are on the Friendship Bracelet World Record Attempt bandwagon (are you one?), here’s a pretty tutorial from PurlBee for an interesting way to make friendship bracelets.  The instructions to close are new to me, and look very cool (but if you’re submitting yours to BFF, it is very important that you DON’T close those bracelets!!!).

Happy Braiding!

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Girl Guides – New Brunswick Council is hosting an all branches provincial camp this summer called Bridging Friends Forever (BFF).  Some people go to the beach or visit Paris on vacation … but lots of fantastic women (a lot of you, I expect) volunteer time and talent to pitch in at a summer camp as Guiders.    BFF Logo C borderlessSMIf you’ve got the time or inclination, there are lots of different ways to help out at a camp near you – even for a day or two.  It is so worth it.

I got hooked on Girl Guide camps two years ago when I went to the Nova Scotia Heritage 2011 Camp as a volunteer staffer.  Everything was new to me, but familiar too, because it was a Guiding event.  I was blown away by how much fun it was.   I left thinking “I have to do that again” and I’m now looking forward to helping out at BFF (I booked my flights to NB last week – so exciting!).

I realize that volunteering at a summer camp isn’t for everyone, but there is a way you can help without leaving home.  

The BFF Team is planning a Guinness World Record Attempt … they are going to try to make the World’s Largest Chain of Bracelets (their goal is 8,000) and Guiders and Girls across NB, PEI and Canada are working hard to make that happen.  At last count, they had around 3,000.

The instructions are simple… make friendship bracelets! Lots of them!  There are so many different patterns on the internet (here’s a good tutorial).
But follow these rules from the Guinness World Record people:

  • For the purposes of the record, a bracelet is defined as an “article of jewelry that is worn around the wrist”
  • The items in the chain must be of a size to be worn around the wrist only (no necklaces, ankle bracelets, etc.).
  • DON’T link the bracelets together before you send them in! The BFF team has to link them together during the actual record attempt at camp. (Thanks to BFF Program Director, Faith Cormier for the updated text!)

Mail them so that they arrive in New Brunswick before August 7, 2013

BFF 2103 Bracelets
c/o Girl Guides of Canada – NB Council
55 Rothesay Ave
Saint John, NB
E2J 2B2 (Canada)

Also, let the organizers know that you’re working on bracelets so they can add it to the tally on the website.   E-mail bff2013@rogers.com.

When they’re done, bracelets will be donated to the WAGGGS Friendship Bracelet Project.  Happy braiding!

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This is a test of the remote blogging system. I hope to be able to send photos and updates back from camp. But my ability to do so depends on the reliability of service. But I will try.

Packing is on. Made difficult by my decision to fly. The be prepared attitude is constrained by what I can fit in my bag. And I like to have my stuff available. And Diet Pepsi. How the heck am I going to deal without it for 10 days? Can I smuggle it in? Oh boy.

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This summer I will be participating in the Nova Scotia Heritage Explosion camp hosted by Nova Scotia Girl Guides as a volunteer staffer.  I’m pretty excited about it, but this is a new experience for me too.

I’ve got the kit list in front of me and they’re asking for us to bring “traders/swaps (camp hat craft to swap with friends)”.  I guess I hadn’t really put much thought into the idea … I’ve made hat crafts AT camp, but not beforehand.   It doesn’t say so on the kit list, but the internet reading I did suggests that you should put your contact info (like an e-mail or website – NOT home number/address) on it so that the camper you traded with knows who you are.

After some thought, I’d like my swap to be:

  1. Easy (and quick!) to make in large quantities
  2. Something personal/regional (representing Ontario). 
  3. And Simple.  I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of hat crafts – I do have a box of walnut shells with eyes on them, baggies wrapped up like bedrolls, and film cannisters with first aid supplies in them.   My craft/swap must not dangle or flop around.  It must be sturdy and light as well.  

Here is my thought… I am a knitter/crochetter.  I could make a small flower – like a daisy or trillium – in the form of a small brooch.  I’ll provide a safety pin for attaching to the hat.  Something like this.  Or this.  Now how many do I make?

UPDATE: I decided to go with a Trillium and modified Akua’s Daisy pattern to get what I wanted.  Here is the pattern which I wrote about on my other site (about knitting and crochetting).

Other Swaps resources:

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