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Skit Ideas

We’re at camp as I type and the girls are making up skits (they LOVE skits).

We asked them to make up their own TV Show…here are the types of shows we suggested

  • Kid’s Show
  • Music Show
  • Cooking Show
  • Weather Report (during a storm)
  • News Broadcast where something amazing happens
  • Travel Show

I expect to be entertained and amazed in a few minutes.  And on another note, look what one of the girls had in her bag! (Remember, my name is Cara).



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Tonight’s meeting is a fun one.  It is all about First Aid and Emergency Prep (are you surprised that this http://school.discoveryeducation.com/clipart/clip/firstaidkit4c.htmlsubject interests me?) and it is fun because the Owls get to be silly.   And now that I’ve read that sentence, considering that first aid preparation is so important, it is weird that I love this meeting for the silliness.

Here’s the plan:

6:30 Arrival Bandaid Tag.

6:40  Inspections

6:50 Brownie Ring

6:55 Program Discussion – How do you stay safe indoors?  What are some of the dangers?  How do you call for help?  Do you know the numbers to call?  What do you do if your clothes catch on fire (stop/drop/roll).

7:05 First Aid – How to Help Correctly

Sometimes someone gets hurt… what do you do when someone is hurt?  (answer: “give them first aid”)  What is first aid?  What to do?  What not to do?

  • Wrong Way (Silly Part)- The owls demonstrate the wrong way to respond to an emergency (responder moves the person, wraps them in a big hug from behind to help with choking (because they saw it on tv! “I know what to do!”), panics, faints,… basically, play up every wrong thing to do with your situation).
  • Right Way – Now the owls demonstrate the correct way to respond.
    Objective is –
    (1) Stay calm and check that the area is safe (will something else happen?  Are kids sliding down the slide on top of the person?  Is a car coming?)
    (2) Think before you do anything
    (3) GET HELP, and
    (4) Comfort and talk to the person you are helping

7:10 First Aid/Emergency Response Skits “Wrong Way/Right Way”  Have the girls act out scenes about what they would do and what they should not do in these situations (we’ll just pick three or four – and we’ve made the situations pretty generic to let the girls decide what the emergency is and how to deal with it):

  • On the toboggan hill someone falls off their sled
  • Your sister fell off the top bunk of her bed and isn’t moving.
  • You’re in the cafeteria and your friend suddenly can’t breath (choking)
  • You wake up and smell smoke!
  • Someone is upset in the playground.
  • You’re skating on the Rideau Canal (in Ottawa) and you see a hole in the ice
  • You see a pot on fire on your kitchen stove
  • Your dog has chewed through the cord of the lamp in your bedroom .

7:30 – Skit performances

7:40 Campfire (prep for singing for seniors next week).

Hand out first aid booklets – here are some good ones:

7:55 Close.

And that’s it for tonight.

It will be a fun meeting (we’re in our new gym – I’ve confirmed it with the custodian) and I’m in a much better headspace than last week.   Also, I’ve been promising a write up on our neat way to handle inspections (JillySwan reminded me – thank you!).  I’ll get to it this week – hopefully with photos from tonight!

Happy Tuesday!

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We had a planning meeting on Sunday – only 13 more meetings to go for the year. So strange.  And I’ll say it again… I work with a great team.  Thanks to Snowy Owl Christine, Starry Owl Chan, and Tawny Owl Tracy for getting together Sunday, and to Spotty Owl Carolyn for letting us assign her stuff as usual (we are really going to miss you next year).  Meetings are so much better with a plan – every time.   Here’s the one for tonight…

Our major fundraiser as a Canadian Brownie Unit is selling Girl Guide cookies and, if you combine a Cookie Selling meeting with Key to Active Living: Saying No, it can work.  In the past we’ve done Safe Cookie Selling skits that kind of relate to Saying No – this time it is a bit more separated, but it should work.

6:30 Arrival – running game.

6:35 Circle time

6:40 Brownie Ring

6:45 Program: Cookies Yum – find out how to be a safe cookie seller.  Learn how much each box costs, how to keep records, and how to make change.

GAME – Safe Cookie Selling – Girls gather in the centre of the room.  One leader calls out Yes & No Questions.  Girls run to one side of the room or the other, depending on their answers.

Cookie Selling Game Questions

Girl Guide cookies cost $5.  Yes
Girl Guide cookies cost $20. No
Girl Guide cookies cost $1. No
If someone gives you $20 for one box of cookies, you give them $17 in change. No
If someone gives you $5 for one box of cookies you give them $10 in change. No
If someone gives you $20 for one box of cookies, you give them $15 in change. Yes
When selling cookies, you should say “HEY! Buy my cookies!” No
When selling cookies, you should say “Would you like to support Brownies?” Yes
When selling cookies, you should say “Would you like to support Girl Guides?” Yes
Should you go cookie selling alone? No
Should you go cookie selling with a buddy? Yes
Should you go cookie selling with your parents? Yes
Should you be rude when you are selling cookies? No
Should you be polite when you are selling cookies? Yes
Should you go into a stranger’s house when you are selling cookies? No
If someone decides NOT to buy cookies, should you be rude to them? No
If someone decides NOT to buy cookies, should you say thank you anyway? Yes
If someone decides NOT to buy cookies, should you get upset? No
Should you wear your uniform when you are selling cookies? Yes
Should you wear your bathing suit when you are selling cookies? No

Program: Say No Discussion how can you say no to someone who suggests you do something that is wrong or that you don’t want to do?

Say no skits- Girls into 4 groups – each group gets a skit to act out.  Practice.  Remember to face the audience and speak clearly and loudly.  Note – if there is time, the girls love (love love love) to do two skits – a wrong way and a right way.   It is fun to watch.

Skit 1 – Some kids are playing in the playground.  Your friend tells you that you should go and push one of the kids off the monkey bars.  What do you do?

Skit 2 – You and your friends are getting popsicles at the store.  One of your friends tells you to steal a chocolate bar.  What do you do?

Skit 3 – You and your friends are playing outside.  Everyone decides to go into one friend’s house, but you don’t have permission.  What do you do?

Skit 4 – You and your friends are selling cookies in the neighbourhood.  Someone you don’t know asks you to come inside to wait while they get some money for the cookies.  What do you do?

7:20 – Cookie Poster Craft – Design a cookie selling poster – Girls each design a poster to hang up at Sears Cookie Day table.  Include: Who you are (Brownie Unit Number), Price of Cookies, GGC Trefoil – or toadstool, or owls…

7:35 – Skit presentations – remember where your audience is.  Be a good audience.

7:45 Campfire

7:55 Closing and Goodnight.

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We’re running out of steam in the planning and this one was planned at the last minute.  It was pretty successful though.  Our theme tonight is Weather and Seasons. 

6:30 Arrival – Freeze Tag!  Easy and topical!  The girls wanted it to be tougher so they made it Line Tag Freeze Tag. 

6:45 Brownie Circle and Brownie Ring

7:00 Program

What kinds of weather are there?  What we should wear for different seasons and weathers.  Layers are always good.   Frostbite, hypothermia, Heat exhaustion…

Skits: Talk about different sorts of weather, then get each girl to imagine that they are TV Weather Presenters.  Each girl gets a sample forecast for a spot in the country.  Snowy Owl looked at the news for different cities around the world for that day.  They also got a map. 

We gave them 10 minutes to prepare their forecast.  Then each girl got to present.  It was very good!

7:30 – Games – Snowshoe Relay.  Then Leaf Blowing – we cut up leaves from scrap paper and each girl had to line up and blow it across the floor.  Some girls were good at it, some weren’t.  We suggested that those who were finished should encourage the rest – or even offer to help!

7:45 – Campfire – then Close – we talked about what we’re doing next week and then asked for requests for songs.  We got Black Socks and Auntie Monica (there were others but we had time for two).

And that was it.  Four more meetings to go.

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We’ve got a lot to cover tonight.  Here’s the plan.

6:30 Arrival Game – Going with Double Simon Says from Becky’s site.  Our original plan was to try to do a matching game for Dress Right, but I can’t find anything online and it was a big job to make one.  Does anyone have a matching worksheet for clothes to wear camping in different sorts of weather?

6:40 Circle Time

6:45 Brownie Circle

6:55 Program

Safety First – Brown Owl to review safety rules 

Fire Safety – Use Becky’s campfire rules

Hiking Safety – Never go alone, tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to be back, always bring a map, whistle, flashlight.  Stay on trail.  Don’t horse around.  If you get lost, blow whistle and stay put. 

7:05 – Skits – Separate girls into four groups.  Tell girls to make skits based on the rules Brown Owl just reviewed.  Our girls love to do it wrong, and then show how to do it right. 

7:20 Bathroom break and probably a running game for sillies

7:30 Skit performances

7:45 Start Sing Ontario Sing


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