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I haven’t had the opportunity to take a Guider training in a while and I had kind of forgotten how valuable they really are.  Thank you to the organizers of January Thaw Guider Training Day in Ottawa.  I had a lot of fun yesterday and it was an extremely useful mix of leader skills, networking, and interesting sessions.

Here’s what I took:

  • Finance Training – Ontario is on centralized banking and this was long overdue.
  • Storytelling – Brownies love stories and it would be nice to be able to entertain them, and to teach them how to become proper storytellers too.  This was a fun hour.   The leader was lovely and sure does know her stuff.  She is part of a resource team that visits meetings – just ask at Guide House for information about storytelling resource contact details.
  • Personalities exercise – (apparently, I’m a North East – control freak organizer – are you surprised at that?  I didn’t think so).   Those of us who work in offices have had to suffer through Meyers Briggs sorts of things, but this was the first time I’ve ever really “got it”.  I knew I’d be a North.  But yesterday I was reminded of the value of having a mix of personalities on a team.  Like a West – someone who has creativity, ideas and enthusiasm, but who never wears a watch (that last part would drive me nuts).  Or of a South – someone with compassion and caring and who eases us into things.  Or of an East – the organized.
  • At lunch we learned the Jamaican Camp Grace (Scout Version)  Jamaican Camp Grace with Music (Susan Wichers)  This would be easily changed to suit the event – and was presented without the last line so it was non-denominational.
  • After lunch I participated in a Singing session.  The music resources in our area (I have their contacts if you need em) lead us through songs on the Sing Ontario Sing list (Brownie Version).  We learned:
    • Ira Congo (lovely);
    • Whene’er you make a promise;
    • The Guide Law (new promise) Song (taught with big laminated cards with one line each of the song on it for us to hold around the room – really neat way to learn a new song without printing song sheets);
    • Barges;
    • Land of the Silver Birch (in two groups, try singing the verse and the chorus at the same time – like a round);
    • My Paddle (note: in two groups, try singing My paddle and LOTSB together – really pretty);
    • Its a Small World (again, in groups, try starting the chorus and the verse at the same time – also very pretty);
    • Our Chalet (the trainer wrote out the words on a white board, and as we learned it she started erasing random words);
    • then Taps in French
  • Then a STEM session.  The group was split into two to show us Goop, and Squishy Circuits.  All from stuff in the kitchen.  I had done this before so it wasn’t new but it was fun to get messy again.
  • Oh, and best of all… there was a SHARING TABLE where we were encouraged to bring in craft items and books we no longer have use for.  Put something on the table, take something away you need.  Brilliant in its simplicity.  Brownie mountain is a little smaller today – and I picked up some crests and a few pins for my collection.

Thank you to the organizers for finding us a central location with lots of parking.  I hope the Pathfinders who fed us as a fundraiser were happy.

For me, I see that we need to do more things that we want to do – and invite a wider group of people.  Someone suggested a good old fasioned Brownie Revel.  I am not familiar with that idea, but I am willing to do the paperwork if you come up with the ideas.  =)

It was a good day.

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Every year we approach our singing program in an unplanned, let’s see what happens kind of way.  The result of that is that we end up repeating about eight favourites through the whole year – and year-to-year.  Then we look at the Sing Ontario Sing program around Spring Camp – and we have a LOT of songs to learn. 

Guider Shawnna and Snowy Owl Christine had a suggestion  Let’s look at the Sing Ontario Sing program NOW.  We’ll incorporate the songs into our program through the year – and have a big SOS Campfire at Camp.  Brilliant!  (There are Owls around the internets saying “duh”.  And others like me agreeing with Brilliant!  Anyway, it shows that you always need a team in the Owl biz). 

The 2011 program is Eh to Zee, Sing with Me!  A song for every letter.  The Owls know some of the songs, but not all of em.  Try it.  We will.

What are your favourite songs?  We like: The Littlest Worm, Yogi Bear, Black Socks (and its Backward Day Meeting cousin White Socks), Make New Friends, Fire’s Burning, Tall Trees, and a few others that I can’t think of right at this moment.   What are the songs you sing?

See also Sing Ontario Sing! from April 2011

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Have you done the Sing Ontario Sing (Updated Feb 2012 after GGC Ontario Website change) challenge?  Ontario Girl Guides sets this challenge annually with a whole new set of songs on the list.  The idea is that girls are exposed to different songs (not the five or so that they hear and request each week).  The first year, participants earn the big crest, and the following years, girls earn the little pieces – they kind of extend the bar of music.  Quite cool. 

And yes, I do note the irony of me (whose most useful musical talent is listening) promoting a singing challenge. 

Sing Ontario Sing Crest

The number of songs in the challenge depends on your age… Brownies need to learn seven of the songs.  Last night was our first practice and we’ve found a new camp song we really love. 
Have you sung “The Twelve Days of Guide Camp?”  It is to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.
Source for the words is Becky’s Guiding Resource Centre (as always). 
The Twelve Days of Guide Camp (to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”) 
Original song submitted to Becky by Linda Grant, PR Advisor, Da Hon Neh Area, Moira Division.
On the first day of Guide Camp, my leader said to me….
Be careful of poison ivy
On the second day of Guide Camp my leader said to me…
Clean out the lats and Be careful of poison ivy.
etc etc…
1st day ” Be careful of poison ivy”
2nd day “Clean out the lats”
3rd day “Don’t chew gum”
4th “Don’t throw up!”
5th “Where is your hat?”
6th “Time for inspection.”
7th “Take out the garbage.”
8th “Eat your oatmeal.”
9th “Where is my repellant?”
10th “Drop that snake.”
11th “Not another séance.”
12th “Where are your parents?”

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We’ve got a lot to cover tonight.  Here’s the plan.

6:30 Arrival Game – Going with Double Simon Says from Becky’s site.  Our original plan was to try to do a matching game for Dress Right, but I can’t find anything online and it was a big job to make one.  Does anyone have a matching worksheet for clothes to wear camping in different sorts of weather?

6:40 Circle Time

6:45 Brownie Circle

6:55 Program

Safety First – Brown Owl to review safety rules 

Fire Safety – Use Becky’s campfire rules

Hiking Safety – Never go alone, tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to be back, always bring a map, whistle, flashlight.  Stay on trail.  Don’t horse around.  If you get lost, blow whistle and stay put. 

7:05 – Skits – Separate girls into four groups.  Tell girls to make skits based on the rules Brown Owl just reviewed.  Our girls love to do it wrong, and then show how to do it right. 

7:20 Bathroom break and probably a running game for sillies

7:30 Skit performances

7:45 Start Sing Ontario Sing


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We’ve got a camp booked and are launching into Key to Camping.  We need to be careful that not all the girls are going camping – but they’re still going to get a lot out of the skills learned from K2C.

Here’s our meeting plan for tonight.

6:30 arrival – Camp word search

6:40 Circle inspections

6:45 Brownie Ring

6:55 Program.  Camping Know How. 

Announce that we’re going camping!  Review Brown Owl’s packed bag and go over what you need at camp.  Girls will get a copy of a Kit List

7:05 Ditty Bag Relay – a proper ditty bag includes

  • Cloth or net bag (no plastic – dishes drip dry in the bag)
  • Marked spoon, fork, and knife, plus a marked bowl, plate and cup.

This is a game I think we made up.  We have three complete ditty bags with a few ringer items (ceramic bowl, a fork that isn’t marked with the owner’s name, an empty pill bottle (medicine is to be turned in to the medicine guider at camp), a toy, etc.  The girls run back and forth making up a ditty bag.  First group finished and approved wins.

7:15 Camp Planning round robin.

In three groups we circulate three topics.  Girls must brainstorm on

  • What do you want to eat
  • What do you want to do
  • What do you want to bring

7:35 We have a tent set-up demonstration (Guiders bringing in their own tents – from storage – so hopefully my tent isn’t too funky)

7:45 Campfire – What are your favourite campfire songs.  Also propose Sing Ontario Sing!

Permission form handouts.

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