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Putting together a meeting plan is one of the things that makes our meetings possible.  It means that everyone knows where they’re supposed to be, and what’s happening.  It works great.  Unless you forget to print it and bring it to the meeting.  Last week I had to pull up the meeting in my iPhone (thank heavens I had a minute to post our meeting plan on this site). 

Third meeting of the year.  We’ll cover Brownie Circles, Leadership, Grand Howl, and Safe Cookie Seller.

6:30 Arrival Game – Remind girls to use the washroom before they get into Brownies.  Girls to choose a game (follows from the Leadership exercise last week).

6:40 Brownie Ring – Call Girls to Brownie ring “Brownies Brownies, where are you?”

  • Tell them which circles they’re in.  Distribute the Circle packs (pencil case with circle emblems, attendance book, a pen, and a note about what they should do in circle corners.  On the outside, we’ve sewn a spare patch – and have written out the circle song). 
  • Introduce inspections. 
  • Go to your circle and do inspection.  If time, learn your song.  Practice songs in Brownie Circle.
  • 6:50 Flag craft – we have big denim flags that mark out each circle.  We’re using Dryads, Fairies, Gnomes and Elves this year.  To personalize the flag, we’re giving each girl a ribbon with their name on it.  They can personalize it by adding extra ribbon, stickers, and colouring it. 


  • Brownie Circle – All circles practice their circle songs with the group.  Then opening song, and promise. 
  • Program – discuss enrollment.  What it means.  What are the roles for first and second years.  Rehearsal next week.

7:15 – Cookie Selling Skits

  • Introduction with discussion around cookies.  How much they cost.  How to make change.  What are some safety rules that they should follow when selling cookies?  Don’t go up to a parked car, don’t go into a stranger’s house, always sell with a buddy).
  • In groups, girls receive a scenario about selling cookies.  They should act out their skit and show what they would do to be a safe cookie seller.  We often get them to make up two skits – one doing things the wrong way (they love it) and then doing it the right way.
    • Skit 1 – You are selling cookies in your neighbourhood with another Brownie friend.  A neighbour who you don’t know very well buys a box and invites you in to try some cookies.  What do you do?
    • Skit 2 – You are selling cookies with your unit at the mall.  Someone is very rude to you when you ask “Would you like to support Brownies?”.  What do you do?
    • Skit 3 – You are selling cookies with a group and you know that you are supposed to walk up one side of the street, then cross safely at one end, then walk up the other side.  One of the Brownies thinks it would be faster to keep crossing the street, even though it isn’t allowed.  What do you do?
    • Skit 4 – You are selling cookies with a group, and one of the Brownies wants to leave the group and go to the house next door.  You know you need to stick together, what do you do?

7:25 Skit performances. 

7:40 Campfire.  Fire’s Burning, Make New Friends, On My Honour, Littlest Worm, Penguins.  Teach Grand Howl. 

7:55 Cookie distribution in the parking lot.

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