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Here’s an idea from the blogs that might be a good Key to the Living World: Plant Life project.  Today Make: Crafts featured Crumbbums.com who have a DIY Growing Jar.

You may also like Sprouts and Plant Life.

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April 26 was all about plants.  (Well, mostly – our games were not so plant oriented).  We had two plants to plant in different ways, and one experiment.

Notes: I attribute the success of this meeting to (1) Planning and pre-cutting and sorting; and (2) Tall narrow freezer bags (not the zip tops, but the twist tie ones).  Bags?  Yes, Bags. By putting each project into a baggie after it was finished, it was possible to send the girls home with three separate projects without major spills or wobbly trays.  These are the half quart sized – so narrow and tall.

6:30 Arrival Game – What time is it Mr. Wolf? 

6:40 Circle Time

6:45 Brownie Ring

6:50 Program 

Discussion: What do plants need to grow?  What makes things grow? 

Celery Experiment
Supplies: Plastic Cups, Celery cut up into stalks, Water, Food colouring, Plastic Bag

Then Game while we set up for the next – Something for Easter

Plant Cat Grass in Pots
Supplies: Cat Grass Seeds, Plant Pots ($0.34 at WalMart), Soil.

Then another game while we set up for the next.

Grow Sprouts in Jars
Supplies: Mung Bean Seeds, jars (I had baby food jars but bigger is better), Cheese Cloth, Elastics

Then another game while we cleaned up.

7:45 – Campfire and Close

Reading: The Garden – from Dragon Sleep Deprived…
Green Grass Song

And that was it.  A simple, fun meeting that required a bit of shopping, but not really a lot of work.

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We struggle with activities that require time to set because our meeting space has very limited storage and there is no place for us to leave things for the next week.  Glue, paint, or anything that needs to dry or grow just don’t work well for us. We still do them, but have to be picky.

So plant sprouting is a bit of an issue.  But this might be a great way to show kids how to grow sprouts at home.  From Re-Nest.com: How to Make Sprouts from Lentils.

Any thoughts?

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