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Guider Janice has been a long-time commenter on this site and the other day she e-mailed to ask for my opinion on how to make a talky meeting more fun.  I was honoured to be asked (she is Guider Janice of “It Sticks” fame, after all) and I asked if she’d mind if we posted the final version here for you to see.

This meeting plan centres around the “Your Day” badge in Key to My Community.  Janice’s Brownies have invited a Sparks Unit to join their group as guests – and at the end, they’ll have earned their first Brownie badge too.  My question is, does your unit celebrate individual birthdays?  We don’t.  It is too tough to keep track of, and the summer birthdays are left out.  But we do try to do an “UnBirthday” to celebrate everyone’s big day together.  It is lots of fun!  And good filler for when you’ve run out of program or are transitioning from one key to the next.

6:00 Arrival

  • Attendance/Dues
  • Sparks join circle
  • Write words as to Why are we special?  (Guider will collect these from the Brownies for addition to their scrapbooks).

6:15 Circle Opening

  • Opening Circle
  • Brownie Song
  • Brownie Promise
  • Welcome Sparks
  • Talk about tradtion vs celebration.  Raise your hand if you have ever celebrated a birthday.  Can anyone tell me whether birthdays are a celebration or a tradition?  Celebration.  Give an example of a different celebration?  Canada Day.  What is an example of a tradition?  Remembrance Day.
  • The tradition of Birthday Parties
  • How do you celebrate your birthday?  How are birthdays celebrated in other countries? Let’s compare Canada and Mexico…
    • Mexico – Celebrate two birthdays.  Paper flower decorations.  Three wishes if the child blows out candles in one breath.  Coyote and Sheep Game.
    • Both – say happy birthday.  Cake and candles – Birthdays ‘spanks’ – Piniata – Gifts – Games – Friends and family celebrate – decorations.
    • Canada – Sing happy birthday.  Multicultural activities – one wish after blowing out candle – treat bags – balloons.

6:30 – Program – UnBirthday Celebration – Alice in Wonderland Fun!

7:00 – Game.  Caucus Race from: Caucus Race and other Alice in Wonderland Games and Activities.  Supplies: Music and player, six hula hoops.

7:15 – Campfire, closing, Squeeze, and announcements.  Question – what is the Squeeze?

Thanks Janice for sharing your meeting plan with me (and us!).  I hope the girls have fun with it tonight.

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This meeting is a big effort to squash the winter blues.  We’re using the “Party Planner” portion of Key to I Can to have some fun.  And we get to make Ice Cream!

Where we got the idea: We relied on Girl Guides of New Brunswick’s “I Scream Meeting” for this entire program. I love meetings in a box type resources.  Thank you Girl Guides New Brunswick!

  • I Scream Meeting – Girl Guides New Brunswick (link doesn’t work – will see if I can fix that)
  • Poem – Eighteen Flavours by Shel Silverstein.  A little sad, but it started a good discussion
  • There are lots of great ways to make homemade ice cream. Ice Cream In a Bag .

Ice Cream Meeting Plan (Feb 1, 2011) (Printable)

6:30 Arrival Word search  http://abcteach.com/free/members/25172.pdf

6:45 Brownie Circles

6:55 Brownie Ring

7:00 Program – Manners Discussion. Start by chanting I scream – the girls respond in the same way you do. Get louder and louder, then modulate your tone. Follow this with a discussion about manners – would you be able to scream for ice cream at home? at a restaurant?

Then Drama – Girls pretend to be ice cream using the Danielle Story from I Scream.  They really liked this!


  • I’m glad I tested the ice cream the night before.  I went in confident that it would work.
  • We used Zip Lock tall cannisters which worked for the most part, but we didn’t count on girls dropping them and a few broke (which was MESSY).   I’m not sure how I feel about glass mason jars being used next time… but we need something stronger.
  • Big lesson – the ice cream recipe of 1 : 1 sugar and milk was very sugary.  Next time we’d do 2parts milk to one part sugar.
  • Another big lesson – I had the milk stored in the car on a -25C day.  It froze (of course).  Fortunately a parent was able to get us another one (and he likes cream in coffee so he took the frozen one and no extra money was spent).

What you need to make Ice Cream

While we were shaking our ice cream (we did one container for two girls), we did the Ice Cream Relay (again from the I Scream Meeting).  We substituted balls of paper for ping pong balls.

7:40 – Campfire – discussed how we would make an Ice Cream Party.  Who would you invite.  What would you need?  (Badgework)

Read Shel Silverstein Poem – a bit sad – but a good discussion came from it.

7:55  Then Close.

This was a great meeting.  The girls loved it.  We’ll definitley do this again!

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