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Snowy Owl and the girls in my Unit have, from time to time, heard about Brown Owl’s mother.  My Mom (she’s a retired Kindergarten teacher and I attribute most of my crafty abilities – and lots of other skills – to her) often swoops in to rescue me from sewing projects (of both the Girl Guide and real life varieties).  Last time it was Ditty Bags.  This time she has come to the rescue for the sewing kit project.

Here’s the revised schedule (Sewing Books for Brownies and Guides – Part One) with the new project.  It is still pretty close to the one I posted earlier but revised with a better emphasis on teachability and time available.

  • 6:30 – Guide Unit Business & Opening Activities
  • 7:00 –Needlework Program Work:
    • Intro our task.  Show group examples of what we’re making.
    • Our Sewing Book project has been modified to be more like the Matchbook Needle Book idea from Make it Do.  We’ll do each task on a separate square of felt and staple it at the end.  The cool thing is that each goal can be accomplished in any order.
      • Matchbook Sewing book closed up

    • Break into 4 patrols
    • Demonstrate Active Transition Activity: Guider Shawnna suggested Thread the Needle – girls line up in two rows with hands up to create an arch.  The last couple joins hands and goes through the arch and re-form hands at the front of the line.
  • 7:05 Station 1 – Embroider Page 1 –  On one square of felt, blanket stitch around three edges, make a lazy daisy in the middle, and back stitch a stem on the daisy.
    Supplies – Embroidery Floss, embroidery needles, scissors, and patience.  A helper would be nice too.  And a big magnet (you know someone is going to knock over the needle bin, right?).  Also, you’ll need a stapler for the last session.
    New tip: I just found this neat Tissue paper transfer tutorial from Carina’s Craftblog.

  • 7:25 Station 2 – Sew a couple of spare buttons on a square of felt for page 2  (to be picked off for sewing on to thing you’re repairing – suggest you get two holed buttons.  Or if you have four holed buttons, instruct girls to just sew two holes (any holes are fine).
    In addition for page 3,  thread a couple of needles and pin a couple of safety pins to another piece of felt (pictured below)
    Supplies: Easy thread needles, some thread, scissors.  Some “spare needles” to go in the book, black and white thread for pre-threading needles, some safety pins and bandages (see below).  A big magnet.  And a heavy stapler (a regular stapler, but one that you know is reliable)
  • To finish off, tuck a couple of bandages in the back (Be Prepared!), staple the “pages” together, and seal the matchbook.  Pretty cool.
  • 7:45 Station 3 – Sew your sewing badge to your badge sash.  The badge task is to hem and mend, but this has actual immediate value.  We’ll also try to have some pants on hand to mend.
    Supplies – Badges, Easy thread needles, blue thread, thread snips, old pair of pants with fallen hem and maybe a split seam or two, pants hanger with clips that hang from waist.  Maybe some thimbles, hand wipes, and band aids.  And a magnet.
  • 8:05 Station 4– Demonstrate the knit and purl stitches.
    • New I’ll cast on six hat projects that each of the four patrols will knit and purl on (if you’re a knitter – you’re probably familiar with a community project where every knitter contributes a couple of rows – that’s the idea here).  After the meeting, I’ll finish the projects myself and we can donate the hats to a homeless shelter as a service project.
      Supplies: 6 cast on hats with super chunky yarn.  6MM Circular needles (16″ or 24″circulars).  I cast on 52 stitches, did about an inch of K2 P2 hat band, and then another inch of knit stitch.  Hopefully the girls can get in a few inches on each hat.  I’ll finish it off.
  • 8:25 – closing and wrap up. 

Prepared Kits in a zip bag.

  • Card cut into matchbook shape.  Buy pretty card OR I used an old coloured file folder.  Straight sides are kind of important, but not completely so you decide if your group can handle it.
    For Brownies: I’d pre-cut and pre-fold the cardboard.
    For Guides or older: I’d probably pre-cut the cardboard with the paper cutter at work and give them a template for the folding.  Or if you know someone who is in to scrapbooking, they may have a straight edge cutter that you could use (or that the girls – depending on their abilities – could use).
  • Three pieces of felt just smaller than the middle section of the cardboard.
  • A couple of spare buttons – IMPORTANT – these should be two-holed buttons.  OR if you have four-holed buttons, instruct the girls to only sew two of the holes.

I’ve been thinking about this quite  a lot so it is nice to get it down on a post.  Guide Guiders – please review.  I’m good at thinking through the plan, but I’m not used to this age group.  How do you think this will go??

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