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It is December and we’ve been going pretty hard on program so it is nice that tomorrow night is our annual Christmas lights walk.  (please don’t rain!)

Simple, easy, one activity meetings like this are nice breaks from the regular meeting plan.  There is no badge work.  We don’t have to accomplish anything.  We just get to be outside.  And then go to Tim Horton’s for a hot chocolate at the end.

Parents have been advised that girls must arrive dressed for the outdoors.  We will not be going inside for the whole meeting.  That means a trip to the loo first too!  Wear winter gear, hats, mits, snowpants, boots, etc.  Bring a flashlight that will fit in a pocket.

6:30 – Outdoor games in the field.  We’re looking for something involving flashlights.  Although Sardines is great fun.  We’ll bring a whistle and make sure the boundaries are clear.  Hm.

6:40 – Openings (Sparks are joining us).  

  • Then Buddy Up: Girls are put into pairs.  Then each pair is given a number.  When Brown Owl yells “Buddy Up”, each pair must shout their number.  We do this frequently – when we arrive at a new spot, or are about to depart an old one.  We even get the adults involved.  It just keeps everyone in check. 
  • Quick rules intro:  Stay with your buddy.  Listen to adults.  Stay on the side of the road.  When a car approaches, stop and wait for them to pass.  Don’t flashlight people in the face.

6:50 – Begin walk.  There is a park on the way, so we try to have a game in mind so the girls can run (I have to think of one). 

7:15 – Drop Sparks off at their school.  (Brownie Guider jumps in her car to go ahead to arrange for Hot Chocolate – thus allowing Guiders to have a ride back to their cars after parent pickup!)

7:30 – arrive at Tim Horton’s (ubiquitous coffee shop in Canada)

8:00 – Parents arrive to pick up from Tim’s.

Easy, simple, fun meeting. 

Could also work as Key to Active Living, Key to Camping, and Key to STEM (if there are stars).

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 I am looking forward to the end of the year (I always do), but I’m also always a little sad to see it go.  If I’m honest, (and as much as I love Brownies) the best day of the entire year is the first Tuesday without Brownies – June 7 is so close!

We have one more regular meeting  (tonight) and then next week is the End of Year Banquet where the girls advance.

Tonight’s plan:

6:30 arrival game (Girls Choose) – The went with Octopus.

6:40 Brownie Circles

6:50 Brownie Ring

7:00 Program

Brownie Memories – This is where we talk about the past year and make a Memory Book.

Memory Book template using the Pocket Mod idea (although the site was frustrating, it was fairly easy to figure out how to make it myself):

  1. I made my own Pocket Mod that looks like this…Brownie memories – It really is a simple table printed on one sheet of paper.  I made a template using PowerPoint…  Click here for my end of year booklet template. 
  2. Girls will need to cut off the two short edges.
  3. Then make folds (as shown in How to fold your Pocket Mod).
  4. Then make cuts in the centre of the page as shown.
  5. Girls really took to this project.  I will do this again.

Then we went outside to play a game:

Time Bomb was very cool.  It is the sixth from the top on this site: http://www.girlguidinghantswest.org.uk/games/30sec_1/menu.php

We closed with a Campfire – girls requested songs and we finished with Make New Friends.

Easy peasy.  Happy almost last night!

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We’re running out of steam in the planning and this one was planned at the last minute.  It was pretty successful though.  Our theme tonight is Weather and Seasons. 

6:30 Arrival – Freeze Tag!  Easy and topical!  The girls wanted it to be tougher so they made it Line Tag Freeze Tag. 

6:45 Brownie Circle and Brownie Ring

7:00 Program

What kinds of weather are there?  What we should wear for different seasons and weathers.  Layers are always good.   Frostbite, hypothermia, Heat exhaustion…

Skits: Talk about different sorts of weather, then get each girl to imagine that they are TV Weather Presenters.  Each girl gets a sample forecast for a spot in the country.  Snowy Owl looked at the news for different cities around the world for that day.  They also got a map. 

We gave them 10 minutes to prepare their forecast.  Then each girl got to present.  It was very good!

7:30 – Games – Snowshoe Relay.  Then Leaf Blowing – we cut up leaves from scrap paper and each girl had to line up and blow it across the floor.  Some girls were good at it, some weren’t.  We suggested that those who were finished should encourage the rest – or even offer to help!

7:45 – Campfire – then Close – we talked about what we’re doing next week and then asked for requests for songs.  We got Black Socks and Auntie Monica (there were others but we had time for two).

And that was it.  Four more meetings to go.

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April 26 was all about plants.  (Well, mostly – our games were not so plant oriented).  We had two plants to plant in different ways, and one experiment.

Notes: I attribute the success of this meeting to (1) Planning and pre-cutting and sorting; and (2) Tall narrow freezer bags (not the zip tops, but the twist tie ones).  Bags?  Yes, Bags. By putting each project into a baggie after it was finished, it was possible to send the girls home with three separate projects without major spills or wobbly trays.  These are the half quart sized – so narrow and tall.

6:30 Arrival Game – What time is it Mr. Wolf? 

6:40 Circle Time

6:45 Brownie Ring

6:50 Program 

Discussion: What do plants need to grow?  What makes things grow? 

Celery Experiment
Supplies: Plastic Cups, Celery cut up into stalks, Water, Food colouring, Plastic Bag

Then Game while we set up for the next – Something for Easter

Plant Cat Grass in Pots
Supplies: Cat Grass Seeds, Plant Pots ($0.34 at WalMart), Soil.

Then another game while we set up for the next.

Grow Sprouts in Jars
Supplies: Mung Bean Seeds, jars (I had baby food jars but bigger is better), Cheese Cloth, Elastics

Then another game while we cleaned up.

7:45 – Campfire and Close

Reading: The Garden – from Dragon Sleep Deprived…
Green Grass Song

And that was it.  A simple, fun meeting that required a bit of shopping, but not really a lot of work.

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Our April 19 meeting was pretty low key.  We had just come back from camp so everyone is pretty tired. 

6:30 Arrival Activity Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Word Search (from alschutzman.com)

6:40 Circle Time

6:50 Brownie Circle

7:00 Program

Earth Day Quiz http://www.squiglysplayhouse.com/Games/Quizzes/Holidays/EarthDay.html 

Then we made Toilet Roll Flowers.  This was one my Mom did with my Nephew a while ago.  They turned out really well – we used one toilet roll per girl and I had paper clips to reinforce the glue while it dried.


And then outside for a park cleanup.  Thankfully it was nice out and there was nothing too yucky in our local park.  Everyone was given gloves, instructions to not pick up anything sharp, and then we just went outside for a walk till the end of the meeting.

Nice.  And.   Relaxing.

Happy Earth Day.

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We’ve got a lot to cover tonight.  Here’s the plan.

6:30 Arrival Game – Going with Double Simon Says from Becky’s site.  Our original plan was to try to do a matching game for Dress Right, but I can’t find anything online and it was a big job to make one.  Does anyone have a matching worksheet for clothes to wear camping in different sorts of weather?

6:40 Circle Time

6:45 Brownie Circle

6:55 Program

Safety First – Brown Owl to review safety rules 

Fire Safety – Use Becky’s campfire rules

Hiking Safety – Never go alone, tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to be back, always bring a map, whistle, flashlight.  Stay on trail.  Don’t horse around.  If you get lost, blow whistle and stay put. 

7:05 – Skits – Separate girls into four groups.  Tell girls to make skits based on the rules Brown Owl just reviewed.  Our girls love to do it wrong, and then show how to do it right. 

7:20 Bathroom break and probably a running game for sillies

7:30 Skit performances

7:45 Start Sing Ontario Sing


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We’ve got a camp booked and are launching into Key to Camping.  We need to be careful that not all the girls are going camping – but they’re still going to get a lot out of the skills learned from K2C.

Here’s our meeting plan for tonight.

6:30 arrival – Camp word search

6:40 Circle inspections

6:45 Brownie Ring

6:55 Program.  Camping Know How. 

Announce that we’re going camping!  Review Brown Owl’s packed bag and go over what you need at camp.  Girls will get a copy of a Kit List

7:05 Ditty Bag Relay – a proper ditty bag includes

  • Cloth or net bag (no plastic – dishes drip dry in the bag)
  • Marked spoon, fork, and knife, plus a marked bowl, plate and cup.

This is a game I think we made up.  We have three complete ditty bags with a few ringer items (ceramic bowl, a fork that isn’t marked with the owner’s name, an empty pill bottle (medicine is to be turned in to the medicine guider at camp), a toy, etc.  The girls run back and forth making up a ditty bag.  First group finished and approved wins.

7:15 Camp Planning round robin.

In three groups we circulate three topics.  Girls must brainstorm on

  • What do you want to eat
  • What do you want to do
  • What do you want to bring

7:35 We have a tent set-up demonstration (Guiders bringing in their own tents – from storage – so hopefully my tent isn’t too funky)

7:45 Campfire – What are your favourite campfire songs.  Also propose Sing Ontario Sing!

Permission form handouts.

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I take absolutely no credit for tonight’s meeting plan.  Starry Owl and Snowy Owl put this together.

6:30 Arrival Game: H2O Tag

6:40 Circle Inspections

6:45 Brownie Circle

6:55 Program – Introducing Key to Living World, and Water all Around.

7:00 Skit Practice – Water and No Water (from Brownie Book?)

7:15 – Cleaning Oiled Feathers Experiment  (UPDATE – the original link has changed and I can’t find it…so I’ve posted the notes I took that are referenced to the original link – found at http://response.restoration.noaa.gov).
Supplies: Clean, dry feathers, three bowls, vegetable oil, dish washing detergent, hot and cold water.

7:35 Skit Presentations

7:45 Water Campfire

7:55 Closing

A simple meeting plan with one focus – I love it.  And I have nothing to do except show up and talk a bit about program.  Excellent.  Thanks Owls!

Are we missing any water songs?

And when you sing Land of the Silver Birch, do you sing Boom di di a da or Boom di di boom boom?  I’m a di di a da person.  Happy Tuesday.

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This meeting is a big effort to squash the winter blues.  We’re using the “Party Planner” portion of Key to I Can to have some fun.  And we get to make Ice Cream!

Where we got the idea: We relied on Girl Guides of New Brunswick’s “I Scream Meeting” for this entire program. I love meetings in a box type resources.  Thank you Girl Guides New Brunswick!

  • I Scream Meeting – Girl Guides New Brunswick (link doesn’t work – will see if I can fix that)
  • Poem – Eighteen Flavours by Shel Silverstein.  A little sad, but it started a good discussion
  • There are lots of great ways to make homemade ice cream. Ice Cream In a Bag .

Ice Cream Meeting Plan (Feb 1, 2011) (Printable)

6:30 Arrival Word search  http://abcteach.com/free/members/25172.pdf

6:45 Brownie Circles

6:55 Brownie Ring

7:00 Program – Manners Discussion. Start by chanting I scream – the girls respond in the same way you do. Get louder and louder, then modulate your tone. Follow this with a discussion about manners – would you be able to scream for ice cream at home? at a restaurant?

Then Drama – Girls pretend to be ice cream using the Danielle Story from I Scream.  They really liked this!


  • I’m glad I tested the ice cream the night before.  I went in confident that it would work.
  • We used Zip Lock tall cannisters which worked for the most part, but we didn’t count on girls dropping them and a few broke (which was MESSY).   I’m not sure how I feel about glass mason jars being used next time… but we need something stronger.
  • Big lesson – the ice cream recipe of 1 : 1 sugar and milk was very sugary.  Next time we’d do 2parts milk to one part sugar.
  • Another big lesson – I had the milk stored in the car on a -25C day.  It froze (of course).  Fortunately a parent was able to get us another one (and he likes cream in coffee so he took the frozen one and no extra money was spent).

What you need to make Ice Cream

While we were shaking our ice cream (we did one container for two girls), we did the Ice Cream Relay (again from the I Scream Meeting).  We substituted balls of paper for ping pong balls.

7:40 – Campfire – discussed how we would make an Ice Cream Party.  Who would you invite.  What would you need?  (Badgework)

Read Shel Silverstein Poem – a bit sad – but a good discussion came from it.

7:55  Then Close.

This was a great meeting.  The girls loved it.  We’ll definitley do this again!

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I am Brown Owl for the 119th Ottawa Brownies in Ottawa Canada – we also have a Snowy Owl, Starry Owl, and Spotty Owl.  We currently follow the Girl Guides of Canada Brownie Program and, as most of our ideas come from online and are documented electronically, I thought it would be cool to be a resource for other Brownie Guiders. And if nothing else, I’ll know where I got stuff from, when we need it again.

We are traditional Brownie Guiders.  Our team is fantastic – we’re quite structured in our approach to our unit management.  Planning ahead of time is the key to success for us.  I’m a planner at heart – but Snowy Owl makes me write it down – and for that I’m very thankful. 

A basic meeting for us looks like this:

  • 6:30 Arrival Game or Craft
  • 6:40 Brownie Circles – Inspections, attendance, etc.
  • 6:50 Call to Circle
    “Brownies Brownies, where are you?”
    Circle Openings
    Brownie Opening Song
    Brownie Promise
  • 7:00 Program
  • 7:20ish Game (usually a running game to get the sillies out)
  • 7:30ish Craft or other activity
  • 7:45ish Campfire then closing at 7:55

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