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This time of year I often write to the families of girls who have left us to suggest that, if they don’t plan to keep their old uniforms, I’d be happy to pass them on to the girls coming up next year. I bet a lot of you do this already… the only thing to consider is the state of your storage (mine is called “Brownie Mountain”). If you have room, and if families are ready to let go of uniform pieces, this is a great way to continue the Lend a Hand spirit.

This is the note I sent out today:

Hi 2nd year Brownie families,

As we wrap up the 2013-14 year and say good bye to some of the best 2nd year Brownies we’ve ever had, I would like to suggest that if you’re not planning to keep your Brownie uniform shirt and/or tie, we would be very happy to offer them to new girls coming up next year. No pressure – I still have my Brownie tie from when I was a girl, so I definitely understand keeping them.

If you are interested in giving any uniform pieces to next year’s girls, I’d be happy to make sure they get into their hands.

Have a great summer.

It is a simple thing, but it might be a way for a family to get rid of something that may become clutter later.  As a collector of “stuff” it often helps me give things away if I know that they’ll be given to someone who can use it.

Happy Brownie Free Tuesday.

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Cathy from Bluenose Guider is a Canadian Girl Guide Guider and blogger at http://bluenoseguider.blogspot.ca/.  She puts her Guide meeting plans on her site (like I do, but for Guides) and there is lots of great content on the site that could be adapted to Brownies.

For instance, they do something called Secret Pals at camp.  This 2011 Residential Camp (Water Badge) post explains it.

Here’s what she says: Every residential camp we do secret pals — the girls and leaders all pick a name, and have to do acts of kindness throughout the weekend for that person.  They can make a craft, wash her dishes, any sort of thing – and try to keep it secret.

Pretty awesome. Thanks Cathy.

OH!  The Guide Sewing meeting went really well.  As usual, there wasn’t enough time and I’m working on a Brownie version.  Stay tuned.

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Here’s a really neat way to get Brownies into the “Lend A Hand” spirit – turn them into Secret Helping Agents!  Take a look at the Fickle Pickle’s “Secret Agent” challenge that asks kids to “Secretly Serve Others” for seven days and report back on what they did.

The content originates from a Christian church’s children’s ministry, so it – in its current form – may not be non-denominational enough for Brownies.  But it is a FANTASTIC idea.  And it would be easily adapted to fit in with the Brownie Lend a Hand theme!

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