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Our first night we had a few girls missing from Brownies – some were sick, but one was scared of us.

I got a note from R’s mother just before the second meeting to say that her Brownie was willing to try us out, but, could her dad come with her? We said yes, but asked if he could try not be too obvious about it.  (Kind of like Han Solo’s Return of the Jedi line… “Keep your distance, Chewie, but don’t look like you’re trying to keep your distance.”)  Kids act so differently around their parents and we wanted to give R a chance to really try it.

As soon as R got to the meeting, she saw people she knew and ended up having a great time.  I don’t think she mentioned her dad once!  When I talked to her mother later, she shared R’s description of the meeting “I want to do Brownies every day.  Except Monday because I have swimming”.  Ha!  We knew we’d get her once she tried it.

As for the meeting, you know me well enough by now to know that once we find something that works, we go with it.  We pretty much repeated the Promise and Law meeting from last year(Promise and Law 2012).

This week we’re doing our circles.  And cookie distribution and skits.  Happy Tuesday.

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One of the more popular clicks on this site has been to the Brownie Promise Door Hanger from MyGuideStuff.com.  Sadly, the Brownie Promise text is out of date and it is a huge shame to not be able to use this printable.

So, through a combination of scanning and fiddling around in MS Publisher, I’ve adjusted the text, updated the image (three fingers), and inserted a new graphic (I couldn’t find the other one).  I have done this without the permission of the original artist.  If you’re the owner of the original Brownie Promise Door Hanger please contact me so I can give you proper credit and so I can ask your permission.  brownowlcara (at) gmail (dot) com.

Also, have you checked out MyGuideStuff.com?  There are links to games, and a great list of Northern Canada challenge info that is well worth a look.

Happy Monday.  Our first night is tomorrow.

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Tonight’s meeting theme (our second meeting of the year) is Key to Brownies: Promise and Law.  Here’s the plan:

6:30 Arrival Activity: Brownies Word Search (We made up our own using a Word Search Generator like this one. The search terms are: Brownie Words like: Kind, Best, Honest, True, Friends, Canada, Toadstool, World, Crafts, Promise, Law, Help, Care, Brownies, Games, Songs, Lend, Owls, and Hand.)


  • Call girls to circle.  “Brownies, Brownies, Where are you?” (“Here we are, Here we are, how do you do!”)
  • Brownie Song “We’re the Brownies…”
  • Say our Promise
  • We have new girls again tonight and it doesn’t hurt to practice names so we’ll do the Name Game again (My name is Cara and I like Carrots, this is my friend Barbara and she likes Bananas).
  • Go through the signals again (from the Brown Owl Has Her Hand Up Game)
  • Talk about the plan for tonight.  We’re going to split the group – second year girls are going with Starry Owl to talk about leadership, etc.  The first year girls (new Brownies) are going to talk about Promise, and start tie tying. 
  • Then talk about Lend a Hand – what is it?   
    • Ask each girl to name examples of how they can “Lend a Hand.”  You might need to prompt them with things such as, washing dishes, putting away toys, raking leaves, taking out the garbage.
    • How did you lend a hand this week?  How can you lend a hand before next week.

6:50 New Girls Program

  • Tie Tying – Learn to tie your tie as a group.  Guides and Brownies are the same tie. Right over left and through, left over right and through.
  • Brownie Promise & Law – What does a promise mean to you?  What happens if you don’t keep your promise? Verbal commitment to do something (or don’t do something).   Punished by parents or teachers.  You also feel bad.  You should be proud of yourself when you keep a promise
  • Motto – What does lend a hand mean?  What’s a Motto?A favourite saying of a group, is a phrase meant to formally describe the general motivation, Sets a guiding principle or idea

6:50 Second Year Program

  • Leadership – Tell the girls that as second years they’ll get an opportunity to lead some games this year and they have a say in what we do. Ask girls to talk to Starry Owl if they have an Arrival Game to teach. Brainstorm ideas on what activities they’d like to do this year.

7:10 Craft – Foliage Friends – Bring in a bunch of leaves from outside. Girls choose a leaf, glue it on to a piece of paper and draw to make it into a fun animal. Supplies: Leaves, Markers/Crayons, Paper, Glue

7:30 Game  (this is one that my former Tawny Owl Made up – they love it – Thanks Emma!).  What’s a Motto? …Nothing! What’s a motto with you?! (The adults think the name is very funny – the humour is lost on our girls).   Write down the Brownie Promise and Motto in large print on white paper. Cut up the separate words (or phrases), ensuring you have enough words for each girl. Give each girl a section and then play some music, asking everyone to dance around and get all mixed up. Then turn off the music, and time the girls in getting in order, so that they spell out the Promise and Motto. Say it out loud, repeat.

7:40 – Campfire – Fire’s Burning, Make New Friends, Read the Brownie Story, Brownie Smile Song (?), Yogi Bear.

8:00 Close.

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