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This looks like a great craft. The supplies aren’t that expensive and it should be easy enough for little hands to do (probably not as neatly as the example, but it would be fun to see what happens).

Check out the DIY Fall Shabby Pumpkin from Sara Dawn Designs (definitely follow the link because she has some good instructions and there’s a key one that makes the project).

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Have I said before how much I’m not a fan of Halloween?  (I know, I’m such a party pooper).  But I’m trying to overcome it.

This instruction for Mummy Jars from Plaid Online might be cool for a Brownie party.

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Tonight is the Brownie Halloween Party. I can’t say that I love dressing up, but the kids sure do.  Here’s the plan: (Sparks and Brownies)

6:30 Arrival – Halloween Tag (Freeze Tag where “it” scares the victims so that they freeze in scared positions.  Other people can un-scare them by giving them a hug).

6:40 – Craft – Hand Print Ghost.   Other options include a Maze  and a What’s the difference puzzle.

6:50 – Burst The Balloon – put a treat in balloons and the girls have to sit on them to pop em, and get the candy inside.  Each girl gets 2 balloons. Note – Skinny Tootsie pops and Rockets fit well in balloons.

7:00 – Halloween participation story. This is a good one. 

7:05 – trip to the washroom to primp for the Halloween Fashion show

7:15 – Costume Fashion Show – Rather than prizes or a contest, we do a fashion show with a runway (the big line down the centre of the gym) with the adults with cameras at one end (Paparazzi).  Girls can go by themselves, or as a group – usually we start with groups “All the Ghosts”, “All the Hannah Montanas”, “All the Witches!”.  Suggested music: “Supermodel” from the Lizzie McQuire movie.   We finish with a group photo which is cool.

7:30 – Sparks depart – give them their loot bags.

7:30 – Games: Graveyard Game (like Sleeping Beauty), Musical Pumpkins (no idea where this came from – put paper pumpkins on the floor, play music – when the music stops, they’ve got to find a pumpkin.  Take a paper away – when the music stops, you aren’t out – just have to squish on to a pumpkin with someone else – the last one is hilarious because everyone squishing together!), and Walk the Fence and Ghost Waiter from: Game Resource.

8:00 – Brownies get their loot bags.  Goodnight.

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