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We finally used up the last of our stash of Title Tapes and had to order some more.  When I asked about them two years ago, blog readers (both in Canada and the UK) had lots of recommendations ranging from “we are a small community and we don’t use them” to “I like this vendor”.

I picked Advantage Labels out of Vancouver, BC to do ours (based mostly on price and that they made it easy to find what I needed with a Title Tapes link) and I thought you’d be interested to hear about what we got.

  • We bought the least expensive printed title tape at $36.50 for 50 tapes or $0.73 per tape (includes tax and shipping).
  • The quality is top notch.  Good  fabric ribbon.  Non-fraying ends.  And the ribbon won’t shred (our last batch was made of a more paper-like ribbon that if you pinned them to something and they got pulled, the tape would rip on the grain).
  • Delivery is included and your order will come in 2 – 4 weeks so don’t wait till the last minute.  Our order made it across the country in three weeks.
  • We considered the more expensive Woven Tapes ($75 for 50 and $1.50 each), but the printed ones are more than sufficient for what we needed.

I have no experience with the other vendors and I haven’t been paid for this review.  But if you’re looking, I’m happy to recommend Advantage Labels.

title tapes

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We’re gearing up for our first meeting of the year on Tuesday and I’m excited (I can’t wait to see everyone again – and to meet our new girls) and a little nervous (oh I hope it goes well and that everyone loves Brownies as much as I do).  We have one last minute project … name tags.

We usually pre-make our own (written neatly by an adult).  Tonight Snowy Owl and I are going to try Toadstool shapes – from an old GGC toadstool shaped cookie cutter.

Toadstool2  name tags

Last year we made rainbow shaped ones (because Snowy Owl had a rainbow shape available).  Note for next time… while the sticky letters looked good, they mostly fell off after the second meeting.

name tags

What do you do in your unit?  Happy First Night!

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Our meetings won’t start again until the third week of September so we’re kind of coasting on a bit of denial.  The Guiders will meet next Monday and I expect I’ll have loads of content coming out of that.  But for now, I’m stretching out the Brownie Free part as long as possible.

But Parents are curious and want to know details so I sent a note to this effect the other day:

  1. You’re in!  Confirm their successful registration.
  2. Location and meeting times: Let them know meeting details.
  3. Start Date: We have to wait for our permit from the school before we can officially announce our first meeting, but it is usually the third week of school.
  4. Uniforms are available from the Girl Guide Store onlineGirls will need:
    • A Uniform shirt (new blue or older styles are still accepted).
    • Brownie Tie – Brown or Orange will do
    • Badge Sash – from the store – not usually available second hand.
    • Navy Blue pants – any navy blue pants (but not Jeans) are acceptable.  You may purchase from the GG store, but you don’t have to.
    • Brownie Book
  5. Non-marking gym shoes – we do lots of running and we need to do it safely.  Please make sure your Brownie has proper footwear at every meeting.
  6. To bring on the first meeting: Please complete a Health form in advance – or be prepared to complete one as you drop off your Brownie.

Happy September!

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