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Snowy Owl had an idea a few weeks ago… “What if each circle group makes up their own board game? That sounds like fun, right?” Not only did it sound like fun, it WAS fun. 2017-02-07-19-45-44

Program Connections: 

  • Key to I Can Special Interest Badge – Design a game that would be fun for you and your friends to play. Include instructions, decide how to win the game, and identify what you are allowed (or not allowed) to do. Make the game using recycled materials. Teach the game to other friends.
  • Key to Living World – (5) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle / Terrific trash Interest Badge – make your board game with reusable materials.
  • Key to Me (7) Helping Others – what would you do if … a girl was left out of a game… This activity sets up a situation where someone might get left out. Opportunity to discuss what to do and offer resources for dealing with it.2017-02-07-19-46-10

Pre-meeting prep:

  • Assemble one kit per circle group with stickers, construction paper, fun foam, tape, glue sticks, a game timer, we had some dice-sized wooden blocks I got at the dollar store, markers, scissors, pencils, and blank paper. It all went into shoe boxes — but camp basins would work well for this too.
  • Have a sharing table of optional supplies – I’ve been collecting old bits of games so I had a variety of dice (letter, colour, regular dotty, and a couple of Scatergories dice), some buttons that could be used as game pieces, cardboard cereal boxes to be used as game bases and anything else they might need.
  • Give each circle a big zip bag to hold their game at the end. Games need to be flat and fit in the bag to go home with Brown Owl. They will probably come back out at camp. 2017-02-07-19-46-22


6:30 Arrival – Play a game like Streets and Alleys.

6:40 Circle Activities

6:50 Brownie Ring

7:00 Program (5 minutes)

  • Talk about Reduce Reuse Recycle – why should we reduce waste? What can we do to reduce waste? Discuss what goes in what bin (the girls know this better than the adults – let them tell you).
  • Reuse old material in a new way. Let’s make a board game out of reusable materials.
  • Talk about what to do if someone is being left out.

7:05 Create a game (20 minutes)

  • Each circle will make up a game out of leftovers and reusable materials.
  • Board games need to fit into the big zip lock bag and be flat.
  • Don’t make the game too complicated. You’re going to have to teach and explain the game in just a few minutes so make sure it is easy to explain and understand.
  • Think about the rules – what are you allowed to do (and not allowed to do) during the game?
  • How do you win the game? (Think of this part first and work backwards)

7:25 Teach and play the game.

  • Each girl will get to teach their game once and play someone else’s one time.
  • 7:30 First Round — At game play time, choose three girls from each group to STAY at their circle to teach the game. The other three girls will MOVE one circle clockwise in the gym.
  • 7:40ish After around 10-15 minutes, everyone moves back to their own circle, and the three girls who did NOT move last time, will move two circles clockwise and try out that game. 2017-02-07-19-46-39

7:55 – Wrap up and closing songs. 

How they did: Three of the four groups were very good. We got two games that were pretty standard… like chutes and ladders … and one that was very clever where they had to roll a letter die and come up with a bunch of words that matched the letter that came up. The last one was confusing and weird, but they had fun making it.

What to do with the games – I kept all four games (Brownie Mountain needs more stuff, right?) and will bring them out again at camp. With six people in on the game and some of my own stuff in the final product we won’t be sending the games home with one of the six.

Review – the girls loved this. They were engaged and interested. They really didn’t need us except to keep them moving for time. It was a great meeting.

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When I first became a Guider, we had a leader named Barn Owl who often led a game called Romeo and Juliet. She left us after about a year, and I realized almost immediately that I didn’t know how to play it. And Google was frustratingly unhelpful. Tonight we had some Guide visitors who suggested Romeo and Juliet! Pirate Owl took notes while they played and we finally have it.

Romeo and Juliet

  • Needs a big space – girls in pairs (If you have an odd number, promote one girl to leader).
  • Girls line up opposite each other, prepared to run and meet in the middle to perform the call. Once judged,they run back to their original spots to do the next action.
  • Leaders – You need one caller.

Leader calls:

  • Romeo and Juliet!” – girls run to each other. One kneels in the “Marry Me” position (one knee on floor – one knee up). The other girl sits on the knee.
  • Horse and Rider” – one girl on hands and knees. One girl straddles her back as if riding.
  • Fountain” – Standing – one girl makes a circle with her hands and the other sticks her hands up through the loop as if hands are fountain water.
  • Spoons” – Pair stands back to back, elbows linked and rock forwards and back.

Elimination option – Last one to the line to get set up is out.

The girls think it is a funny game and I think it is great to get them to run.

2015-12-01 19.47.29



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I love www.theidearoom.net. Amy always has fantastic ideas that could be used in a big Brownie unit too.

Today’s is called Frozen Games – like from the movie – and you could use this exactly as drawn. BUT, you could adapt this concept to any theme with the right graphic or clipart. You could Roll a Tidy Tent or Campsite, a Halloween Scene, a Guiding Trefoil, or a Brownie Uniform (key to Brownies). Cool, huh?

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Mancala is a game of sowing seeds or stones around a board.  The goal is to clear the board and get the most seeds in your store. We tried it at camp for some quiet time and the girls were completely enthralled.  We had to stop them after about 25 minutes. 

Girls play in pairs so for each pair you’ll need:

  • 1 egg carton
  • 2 stores or wells (we used coffee filters, but cereal bowls or cups would work)
  • 48 beads, stones, seeds or marbles (the bigger the better – easier to pick up.  Colour doesn’t matter).

Set up: Put four beads in each egg cup and put a well on each end.  We pre-set the first game.  The girls took it from there.

2014-04-12 22.07.28

How to play (the internet explains it better than I can):

Explaining it to Brownies:

Some of the girls already knew the game so I played with one of them to demonstrate.  Then we distributed boards and let them go.  It was so successful that we have kept our beads and egg cartons for a “just in case we run out of stuff” moment at regular meetings.

Who can play:

The game is rated for ages six and up.  I think Sparks might struggle, but it should be fun for older girls starting at Brownies but on up to Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers.

2014-04-12 22.07.39

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If you’ve been following Brownies Meet on Facebook or been reading this site in the last couple of weeks, you’ll know that we love our chickens (have you met Mr. and Mrs. Chicken?).

Here’s why we think you should have at least one chicken in your kit too:

  1. Chicken Games are Awesome!  Thank you Becky’s Guiding Resource.chickens
  2. Chickens can often substitute for other equipment… they replace balls, flags, boundaries (“don’t go past the chicken!”) frisbees and beanbags in lots of other games. Try Capture the Chicken or Ultimate Chicken.
  3. Chickens save time… they don’t roll like balls do and if someone misses a throw, it won’t take forever to get the ball back.
  4. Chickens don’t hurt if they accidentally bop you in the nose.  They’re soft and less likely to cause injuries.
  5. Chickens store easily … they can squish in around other stuff when you’re packing up.
  6. Chickens are easy to get and not too expensive… look in the Dog Toy section at Walmart ($8) or the Dollar Store ($2).   (I suggest, for your sanity, that you perform an immediate noise maker-ectomy with some needle nose pliers )
  7. Chickens give you an instant filler activity if you have a gap in programming.  Everyone wants to play a chicken game.
  8. Chickens can help develop leadership skills … ask the girls to make up and lead their own chicken games.
  9. and…Chickens cheer you up.  At camp, an unhappy Brownie may find comfort with a hug from a chicken (it works!!).

Have we convinced you?

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We started our first meeting of the year with Key to the Arts Drama.  It was a happy discovery to find that one of our Brownie parents is also a Drama teacher in her real life. Laura led the girls through the meeting and we planned camp in the background.  The Owls were prepared to help but she had it all in hand.  It was a lovely break for us… and Laura did a fantastic job.

Some Drama resources that could get you started:

Happy New Year!

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Time to catch up on on all of the things I meant to do the last couple of months.  The first in line is to explain H2O tag.  We’ve mentioned it a few times and many have asked.  Here you go…

Snowy Owl made up a game called H2O Tag for Key to the Living World: Water All Around.  It requires a bit of an explanation (about elements and science) and goes pretty quickly, but the girls like it.


  • Pre-made cards, sticky labels or cutouts with enough H, and O shapes for one per girl.  (if you have 18 girls, you’ll need 12 H, and 6 O shapes or labels – an odd number will need a Guider or two to join the game – multiples of three are essential).
  • Safety pins or tape to pin or stick the letters or numbers to the girls shirts.
  • prepare something to do that will get the girls mixed up.
  • Whistle or other signal that it is time to make water molecules (maybe music)

Game Setup/Explain the science:

The DC Water and Sewer Commission has a good site about explaining the water cycle to kids – they say:

A water molecule is called “H2O”   It’s made of 2 hydrogen atoms (H + H) and one oxygen atom (O). H2O can be a VAPOR (a gas in the air), a LIQUID (what we usually think of as water or a SOLID (ice).

Then, play the game:

The girls each have an “H” or an “O”.  They are spread around the gym doing another task (examples: play tag, free dance to music, a game of beans or anything that gets them mixed up).  When the whistle blows (or the music stops) they have to make teams with two H shapes and one O shape.  That’s it.

The DC Water and Sewer site also has a really good maze puzzle for kids that goes through the water cycle that I think we’ll print next time we do this Key.

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Ever have a week where you look up and it’s almost Tuesday again (or whatever night your unit meets) and you’re not prepared?  We’ve been pretty good about putting together meeting plans – but for some reason, last night’s plan was pretty sketchy.

hearts game 2013-02-12 20.01.09

Snowy Owl setting up the Stack the Hearts Game

With the power of the internet and www.Activity Village.co.uk, Snowy Owl Christine turned our vague notes (ditty bags, and maybe Valentine’s Day??) into a pretty awesome meeting.

6:30 Arrival ActivityValentine’s Day Grid activities from Activity Village  HEART Puzzle …  Solution  LOVE PuzzleSolution.  These were very well liked.     Explained it to the first arrivals – then they were to show the next girls to arrive how to do it.  And then those girls were to show the girls after that.  Worked really well.

6:45 – Brownie Circles – TASK in Circles – talk about what you’d like to do and eat at camp – in addition to regular circle activities.

6:55 – Brownie Ring

7:00 – Program

  • Camp Discussion – what to eat & do?  Talk about what you do at camp and then what you eat at camp.
  • Discussion about Ditty Bags (Leader needs kit lists and show and tell about Ditty Bags).  We need three or four kits – with regular Ditty Bag stuff with some ringer items (non-marked plate, small toy, ceramic mug, empty pill bottle, hair comb)
  • Ditty Bag Relay (from Ditty Bag post)hearts 2013-02-12 20.04.37

7:20 – Craft Origami heart from Activity Village.  Simple paper folding.  Cute.

7:35 –Game

7:45 – Campfire

7:55 Close

Snowy Owl told me she misses being involved in writing up the plans… and last night proved that she’s great at it.

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Our first night this year went surprisingly well and we’re pretty impressed.  Snowy Owl and I were talking about it afterwards and we decided that we should have got it right by now – it is our seventh first night, after all.  In addition, we took fewer girls – and I think that’ll help.

Here’s what we did (there’s not much different from last year – except that it had a better flow for some reason).

6:00 – Guider Arrival

6:20 – Girls start arriving – we began meeting the girls and getting to know everyone.

  • Snowy Owl handed out the prepared name tags – we had the list because of online registration and while it sounds like a good idea to have the girls write  the names, a legible name tag is important.  And why green rainbows?  We had green fun foam and a rainbow shape to trace.  The stick on letters look good, but they were falling off some of them – we may go back with the hot glue gun next week.
  • Our new Pathfinder Unit Assistant is Megan (aka  Screech Owl).  She and Starry Owl took over leading a game of tag.
  • When a Brownie wants Mum to stay: we had one girl (D) who had been really excited about being at Brownies, but who, when she arrived, had a bit of a panic.  She, her mum, and the owls decided that she had to stay, but that she didn’t need to join right away, and that she could sit on the side and watch.  I’m really proud of both D for being brave (she stayed and she let Mum leave) and of her mum for sticking to her plan and requiring D to stay without her.

6:45 ish – And we’re off…

  • We start each meeting with “Brownies, Brownies, where are you?”  The girls are meant to run to whoever calls that and reply “Here we are, here we are, how do you do?” but it turns out that our returning second years are the shy ones and there are a LOT of new girls so it took a few tries to get it.
  • Opening Song (repeat a few times to teach it) “We’re the Brownies”
  • Name Game – we went with an oldie again – “My name is Cara and I like Carrots… this is my friend Megan and she likes Mangos”.  To note, this takes FOREVER, and it could be sped up by omitting the “this is my friend” bit… but we kind of think that it is a good filler for the girls who are trying to remember along the way.  You can have the girls repeat all the way back to the beginning (we think it is worth it so that the names get learned quickly), or just the one to the right or left.
  • D sat off to the side and watched.  We interacted with her as if she was in circle.  But we wondered how this was going to go.

7:15 The Girls played Octopus – an oldie but a goodie – and a running game is a good reward for sitting for so long.  (And yes, the name game took THAT long!). First appearance of the It Sticks.

7:25 Craft time

  • Beaded friendship bracelet.
  • When D broke the ice: At this point, I had to go back to where our shy Brownie was sitting to prepare the craft … I gave D the option of picking a set of coloured beads, then I kind of invited everyone over to where I was standing (and “coincidentally” where D was sitting) to start the craft.  We gave D a bit of a nudge and suggested that if she would just stand up, she could make a craft too.  And the ice was broken and she was fine.  (Mum… who was hiding in the hall… was relieved to know that she was fine – me too, actually).

7:40 Learning the Rules with Brown Owl’s Coming (this went over a lot better this year – and I think we’ll repeat it next Tuesday).  It was really funny when Snowy Owl called Brownies Brownies Where are you, and then she took off running – the girls were running after her calling their part.  Just awesome.  Very funny.

7:50 – Campfire – we meant to read the Toadstool story – but we didn’t for some reason.  We announced that we’re going to do a sleepover at the Canadian Aviation and Science Museum in November – great excitement.

And then we handed out our newsletters.

That was it.  Next week we’ll do Promise and Law and will split the group into new girls and 2nd year girls.

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I just saw a neat activity/drama idea that has no equipment necessary but would get kids active while having fun. Move like an animal. That’s it. Get the kids deciding how the animal moves. Crab walk, snake slither, elephant trunk… Fun! Saw it Marilyn Denis Show.

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