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Our sleepover is tonight and my enthusiasm is building for it (last night was a different story).  It’ll be fun.  I hope.  Think of us, will you?

One of our last tasks before heading out is to inform the Fire Service that there will be people in a building overnight that isn’t usually occupied.  They will always respond to a fire (of course!), but they will prioritize the call differently if they know that there are nearly 50 people in a building over one that is empty.

Information for Ottawa, Ontario (Call the non-emergency number in your city or municipality to find out about what you should do in your area)

  • Who to contact: Ottawa Fire Service prefers that we FAX them the details on the day of the event. Here’s my Fax Template: Inform Ottawa Fire about Sleepover.  Fax 613-247-4843.
  • What to tell them: Location, dates, arrival time, departure time, number of people (general age groups), where you’ll be sleeping, and give them a contact.

It is a simple step, but Girl Guides are always Prepared!

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