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Tonight’s meeting is a fun one.  It is all about First Aid and Emergency Prep (are you surprised that this http://school.discoveryeducation.com/clipart/clip/firstaidkit4c.htmlsubject interests me?) and it is fun because the Owls get to be silly.   And now that I’ve read that sentence, considering that first aid preparation is so important, it is weird that I love this meeting for the silliness.

Here’s the plan:

6:30 Arrival Bandaid Tag.

6:40  Inspections

6:50 Brownie Ring

6:55 Program Discussion – How do you stay safe indoors?  What are some of the dangers?  How do you call for help?  Do you know the numbers to call?  What do you do if your clothes catch on fire (stop/drop/roll).

7:05 First Aid – How to Help Correctly

Sometimes someone gets hurt… what do you do when someone is hurt?  (answer: “give them first aid”)  What is first aid?  What to do?  What not to do?

  • Wrong Way (Silly Part)- The owls demonstrate the wrong way to respond to an emergency (responder moves the person, wraps them in a big hug from behind to help with choking (because they saw it on tv! “I know what to do!”), panics, faints,… basically, play up every wrong thing to do with your situation).
  • Right Way – Now the owls demonstrate the correct way to respond.
    Objective is –
    (1) Stay calm and check that the area is safe (will something else happen?  Are kids sliding down the slide on top of the person?  Is a car coming?)
    (2) Think before you do anything
    (3) GET HELP, and
    (4) Comfort and talk to the person you are helping

7:10 First Aid/Emergency Response Skits “Wrong Way/Right Way”  Have the girls act out scenes about what they would do and what they should not do in these situations (we’ll just pick three or four – and we’ve made the situations pretty generic to let the girls decide what the emergency is and how to deal with it):

  • On the toboggan hill someone falls off their sled
  • Your sister fell off the top bunk of her bed and isn’t moving.
  • You’re in the cafeteria and your friend suddenly can’t breath (choking)
  • You wake up and smell smoke!
  • Someone is upset in the playground.
  • You’re skating on the Rideau Canal (in Ottawa) and you see a hole in the ice
  • You see a pot on fire on your kitchen stove
  • Your dog has chewed through the cord of the lamp in your bedroom .

7:30 – Skit performances

7:40 Campfire (prep for singing for seniors next week).

Hand out first aid booklets – here are some good ones:

7:55 Close.

And that’s it for tonight.

It will be a fun meeting (we’re in our new gym – I’ve confirmed it with the custodian) and I’m in a much better headspace than last week.   Also, I’ve been promising a write up on our neat way to handle inspections (JillySwan reminded me – thank you!).  I’ll get to it this week – hopefully with photos from tonight!

Happy Tuesday!

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We’ve got a lot to cover tonight.  Here’s the plan.

6:30 Arrival Game – Going with Double Simon Says from Becky’s site.  Our original plan was to try to do a matching game for Dress Right, but I can’t find anything online and it was a big job to make one.  Does anyone have a matching worksheet for clothes to wear camping in different sorts of weather?

6:40 Circle Time

6:45 Brownie Circle

6:55 Program

Safety First – Brown Owl to review safety rules 

Fire Safety – Use Becky’s campfire rules

Hiking Safety – Never go alone, tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to be back, always bring a map, whistle, flashlight.  Stay on trail.  Don’t horse around.  If you get lost, blow whistle and stay put. 

7:05 – Skits – Separate girls into four groups.  Tell girls to make skits based on the rules Brown Owl just reviewed.  Our girls love to do it wrong, and then show how to do it right. 

7:20 Bathroom break and probably a running game for sillies

7:30 Skit performances

7:45 Start Sing Ontario Sing


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