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Girl Guides of Prince Edward Island shared this on their Facebook page today and I think this is COOL. We’re doing Key to the Arts (Act it Out) this year and this might be a nifty craft to make that happen.

Check out DIY Spoon Puppets from Kid Play Do.

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Tomorrow night we’re Cleaning the Capital with Sparks for Earth Day. The Weather Network says that the two days of rain we’re currently enjoying (it isn’t snow!) should be done by the time our meeting starts but I wanted a backup plan. We’ll still go out in anything except a thunder storm.

I’ve got a stash of Terrific Trash crafts that will do in a pinch (Thanks to January Thaw).

6:30 – Arrival Game

6:40 – Brownie Inspections

6:50 – Brownie Ring

7:00 Program – Earth Day Quiz – use this as a discussion starter.

Terrific Trash Craft Night! To note, it takes about a year to accumulate enough trash for these crafts so, unless you’re a natural collector, read this meeting and start collecting for next year when Earth Day comes back.

And if we use all of those up, we’ll do some running games and it’ll be fine.

Here’s hoping we end up tromping around in a squishy field in our rubber gloves with black garbage bags. I like that we’ll be outside.  =)

Happy Earth Day.

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I love www.theidearoom.net. Amy always has fantastic ideas that could be used in a big Brownie unit too.

Today’s is called Frozen Games – like from the movie – and you could use this exactly as drawn. BUT, you could adapt this concept to any theme with the right graphic or clipart. You could Roll a Tidy Tent or Campsite, a Halloween Scene, a Guiding Trefoil, or a Brownie Uniform (key to Brownies). Cool, huh?

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Those of us facing another Canadian Winter know that if you leave white glue out to freeze (i.e. packed in the car during the workday ready for that night’s Brownie meeting), you end up with a gloppy mess that does not resemble glue in any way.

We have discovered that CLEAR GLUE doesn’t change consistency when frozen. I’m not sure if it won’t freeze at all, but it is perfectly useable after being frozen. Further hint… If your kids are looking for a science fair experiment for school, this might work (and I’d love to know the result). And do people from warmer climates have similar issues with storing glue in a hot car?

Finding glue that can be frozen is a big deal for a Canadian Brown Owl that often has Brownie supplies in her car.

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Hawk Owl Jen’s Mom has been surfing Pinterest and found this Paper Plate Owl Craft from HuppieMama.com.  Thanks Sharon for the idea.  =)

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This looks like a great craft. The supplies aren’t that expensive and it should be easy enough for little hands to do (probably not as neatly as the example, but it would be fun to see what happens).

Check out the DIY Fall Shabby Pumpkin from Sara Dawn Designs (definitely follow the link because she has some good instructions and there’s a key one that makes the project).

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Owl Crafts

Here’s a cute craft that Brownies could definitely do. Check out Kid Craft: Owls from Natural Kids.

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Our recent Brownie Camp included a Be Prepared First Aid Kit made from film canisters (launched a neat discussion about film…NONE of them had heard of film!!), stuffed with gauze (useful for covering wounds), bandages, and alcohol wipes (there are two in the kit – first aider washes hands, and washes the cut). We put a small loop of yarn on the outside for pinning to a hat – stuck with a length of electrical tape (which is useful for taping gauze down) and a safety pin (always useful!).

Our first Aid kit contents:

You could add coins. Check out this film canister first aid kit from a Cub Scout group in Utah for other ideas.

firstaidkits2014-04-12 07.54.47

All tucked into the canister.

firstaid2014-04-12 07.55.50

Final product. (Wrap the electrical tape around 3 – 4 times to get a half meter of tape around the canister)

firstaid2014-04-12 07.52.30

Now that film (and the canisters) are almost non-existent, I asked the Facebook group for suggestions for something like film canisters. Here’s what they said:

  1. Diabetic Test Strip containers – about the size of a C Battery.
  2. Pill Bottles – I’m not a fan of teaching kids to open pill bottles, but they’d do. And someone said that there are easy open ones.
  3. Altoid Tins – they’re a little big, but would do
  4. Tic Tac or Gum Containers.
  5. Snack Baggies or small Jewelry baggies from the dollar store – always useful in a pinch.
  6. Buy dollar store small containers. I think I saw 6 for $1.
  7. Someone had a stash of breast milk containers.
  8. Expired medical sample bottles (unused)… ask your Doctor.
  9. Pool Water test strip containers.

Do you have any ideas?


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Because of space constraints (we meet in a gym with no place to hang projects + no good way to clean up messes), our regular unit meetings don’t often include painting projects.  That’s why there’s a distinct lack of painting ideas (or crafts with sparkles) on this site. Do you paint during your regular meetings?  What’s your sparkle policy?

But painting is a fun activity for camp…and this project from WiseCraftHandmade.com is super cute.   Check out Make marbled bead Valentines with paint, wooden beads, some wire and ribbon.

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We repeated our Promise and Law meeting from last year and, again, it went really well.  We tried to add in some activity (it really is a talky set of meetings) and it was fine, but still pretty talky.

This year:

6:30 – Opening Craft: Brownie Promise Door Hanger (other years, this was the first meeting craft, but it makes a lot more sense to have it in the Promise and Law meeting – especially since not everyone has a book yet).

UPDATE – I’m going to make a second version with a more kid-friendly font.  The curly font is cute, but some of the girls who haven’t learned to read cursive were having trouble.

Update on Shy D – she still didn’t want to join in at the first of the meeting – she preferred to sit on the side and watch.  Not sure how long we can keep this up.  But she’s worth it.

6:45 – Call Girls to start meeting.  Circles next week so no individual group openings.  We had a new girl too, so one time through with an abbreviated name game.

6:55 – Together Program: Lend a Hand.

  • Ask each girl to name examples of how they can Lend a Hand.  You might need to prompt them with things such as washing the dishes, putting away toys, raking leaves…
  • How did you lend a hand this week?

Then teach Brownie Sign and Handshake (we added “Make new friends” to the Brown Owl’s Coming rules game.)

7:05 – Split into two groups – New Brownies and 2nd Year Brownies.

New Brownie Program – The new brownie activities just joined Shy D on the side of the room.  Not perfect, but she had no problem with it:

  • Tie tying.  I have a bag of second hand ties in Brownie Mountain and this is useful for girls who don’t have their ties yet.  “Right over left and it keeps travelling through the V.  Right becomes Left and he goes over Right and through the hole.”
  • Get out the Door Hangers and go through the Promise – What does a promise mean to you?  What happens if you don’t keep your promise (or don’t do something)?  Answers: Consequences from parents or teachers.  You also feel bad.  Should be proud of yourself when you keep a promise.
  • Motto – what does Lend a Hand mean?  What’s a motto?  Answers: a favourite saying of a group.  A phrase that explains that we stand for.  Lend a hand means we’re helpful without being asked.

2nd Year Program – With Starry and Screech Owl:

  • Go over tie tying, promise and motto.
  • Then talk about leadership – as 2nd years, they will have an opportunity to lead some games.  They have a say in what we do.  Ask girls to talk to Starry Owl if they have an arrival game they want to teach.  Brainstorm on what activities they’d like to do this year.
  • Then it is a good idea to have a craft or something here – not sure what they did.

7:30 – Game – What’s a Motto?  What’s a Motto with you? (This title is for the Guiders… the girls wouldn’t get it.. our old Tawny Owl made it up and we think it is funny)


  • Cards with Promise, Law and Motto in large print on white paper.  Cut up into separate words or phrases.  Make sure you have enough for each girl.
  • Music Source – this year we used Great Big Sea Lukey’s Boat.  (Small plug for one of my favourite Canadian bands).

To play:

  • Everyone mix up and dance to the music.  When the music stops, assemble yourselves in order so that we can read the Promise, Law and Motto.
  • Repeat a few times.

Then we played Brown Owl’s coming to reinforce the rules.  Added “Hug a Tree” and “Make new Friends”.

7:40 Campfire:

  • Read Toadstool Story and sang a few songs.  Fun.

7:55 Close.

Next week – introducing circles, and Cookie Selling Meeting.

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