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I pitched in as camp cook for the 154th Guides in November and one (among many) of the really neat things they did was a bleached out T-shirt craft.  Thanks Guider Michelle and your Guides for asking me to come to camp.  I loved seeing the older girls in action.

For the craft, they used the Spray Bottle Method like this one outlined on gomediazine.com.  But I really like the designs from Designmom.com in her post called DIY Bleached out Tees (she dabbed bleach directly on the shirt instead of using a spray bottle).bleachtee2

Camper Supplies:

  • Campers bring a dark t-shirt.  Make sure it has been washed at least once to remove any sizing or other new t-shirt chemicals that may prevent bleach from setting in.

Guider Supplies

  • Tarps, plastic sheets, or shower curtains.   Bleach is, well, bleach.  Protect surfaces.  Where possible, consider doing this outside (but still cover your space).
  • Bleach sprayers (Guiders or older girls) should wear old clothes that they don’t care about ruining.
  • Masking tape in various widths.  The instructions from the reference sites above suggest Duct Tape, but Michelle provided masking tape and it worked perfectly.
  • Cardboard with no ink – cut to go inside shirts to protect the back
  • Bleach and water (70% Bleach/30% water)
  • Spray bottles, Squirt bottles (like you get with hair dye), Paint brushes, Sponges
  • Disposable gloves
  • A place to hang wet shirts (like a drying rack or clothes line).


  1. Provide girls with tape and give them free reign to create a design on one side of their t-shirt. (the girls at camp were extremely creative and the results were pretty amazing)
  2. When the tape design is done, Guiders sprayed the shirts with the bleach mixture.  Older girls can probably do it themselves, but Guiders should definitely do the bleaching for Brownies.
  3. Let the bleached t-shirt sit for a bit to allow the shirt to fade.
  4. When you’re satisfied with the fading, pull the tape off and rinse the shirt.  Hang to dry. Parents are probably going to want to wash the shirt before wearing.

This was an amazing craft.  I made a red shirt with an approximation of a trefoil on the front – it’ll probably be my camp PJs now.  Thanks 154th Guides!!

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Happy New Year my Guiding Friends… I have been enjoying a very nice break from Brownies and I hope you have too.  Our meetings start next Tuesday and I’ll post more about that over the weekend.

For now… the Zakka Life blog had a neat post about using a bubble wrap bubble to make a card that looks like a snowglobe. Super cute!

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Today’s post from Shift Mama (and reposted on the GGCBlog) has a great suggestion… let’s start saving World Friendship Fund Pennies NOW.  Go to A challenge to all my Girl Guide Friends, make a penny saver, and be ready with a CWFF donation in February.

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We had a planning meeting on Sunday – only 13 more meetings to go for the year. So strange.  And I’ll say it again… I work with a great team.  Thanks to Snowy Owl Christine, Starry Owl Chan, and Tawny Owl Tracy for getting together Sunday, and to Spotty Owl Carolyn for letting us assign her stuff as usual (we are really going to miss you next year).  Meetings are so much better with a plan – every time.   Here’s the one for tonight…

Our major fundraiser as a Canadian Brownie Unit is selling Girl Guide cookies and, if you combine a Cookie Selling meeting with Key to Active Living: Saying No, it can work.  In the past we’ve done Safe Cookie Selling skits that kind of relate to Saying No – this time it is a bit more separated, but it should work.

6:30 Arrival – running game.

6:35 Circle time

6:40 Brownie Ring

6:45 Program: Cookies Yum – find out how to be a safe cookie seller.  Learn how much each box costs, how to keep records, and how to make change.

GAME – Safe Cookie Selling – Girls gather in the centre of the room.  One leader calls out Yes & No Questions.  Girls run to one side of the room or the other, depending on their answers.

Cookie Selling Game Questions

Girl Guide cookies cost $5.  Yes
Girl Guide cookies cost $20. No
Girl Guide cookies cost $1. No
If someone gives you $20 for one box of cookies, you give them $17 in change. No
If someone gives you $5 for one box of cookies you give them $10 in change. No
If someone gives you $20 for one box of cookies, you give them $15 in change. Yes
When selling cookies, you should say “HEY! Buy my cookies!” No
When selling cookies, you should say “Would you like to support Brownies?” Yes
When selling cookies, you should say “Would you like to support Girl Guides?” Yes
Should you go cookie selling alone? No
Should you go cookie selling with a buddy? Yes
Should you go cookie selling with your parents? Yes
Should you be rude when you are selling cookies? No
Should you be polite when you are selling cookies? Yes
Should you go into a stranger’s house when you are selling cookies? No
If someone decides NOT to buy cookies, should you be rude to them? No
If someone decides NOT to buy cookies, should you say thank you anyway? Yes
If someone decides NOT to buy cookies, should you get upset? No
Should you wear your uniform when you are selling cookies? Yes
Should you wear your bathing suit when you are selling cookies? No

Program: Say No Discussion how can you say no to someone who suggests you do something that is wrong or that you don’t want to do?

Say no skits- Girls into 4 groups – each group gets a skit to act out.  Practice.  Remember to face the audience and speak clearly and loudly.  Note – if there is time, the girls love (love love love) to do two skits – a wrong way and a right way.   It is fun to watch.

Skit 1 – Some kids are playing in the playground.  Your friend tells you that you should go and push one of the kids off the monkey bars.  What do you do?

Skit 2 – You and your friends are getting popsicles at the store.  One of your friends tells you to steal a chocolate bar.  What do you do?

Skit 3 – You and your friends are playing outside.  Everyone decides to go into one friend’s house, but you don’t have permission.  What do you do?

Skit 4 – You and your friends are selling cookies in the neighbourhood.  Someone you don’t know asks you to come inside to wait while they get some money for the cookies.  What do you do?

7:20 – Cookie Poster Craft – Design a cookie selling poster – Girls each design a poster to hang up at Sears Cookie Day table.  Include: Who you are (Brownie Unit Number), Price of Cookies, GGC Trefoil – or toadstool, or owls…

7:35 – Skit presentations – remember where your audience is.  Be a good audience.

7:45 Campfire

7:55 Closing and Goodnight.

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Last night was Valentine’s Day and parent night at Brownies.  (We probably gummed up a few Valentine’s Day dinners by planning parent night, now that I think of it).

Here’s what we did:

6:00 – Guider arrival for setup – and final craft prep.  We put up some chairs.

6:30 – Girl and Parent Arrival. 

  • Girl Game (while the parents got settled): Line Tag. 
  • Then Group Game (including parents): Barnyard Tag.  I can’t find a link so I’ll describe it.  But I am not the author of the game.  Pair up.  Assign an animal sound to each pair.  Separate the pairs.  Close your eyes (or blindfold people).  On GO, everyone makes their sound and tries to find each other.  Hilarious.  Even more fun because the parents were in on it.  Very cute.

6:45 – Circle Time – one parent joins the groups.  Goal is to have the girls show the parent what they do in circles.  And teach them the song.

6:55 – Brownie Circle.  Parents join the circles.

7:00 – Program

  • Parents Sit – Girls do their Highland Dance Demo.  This was very cool – thank heavens though that Starry Owl remembered the thing and could lead it. 
  • Art By Hand – Girls have the option of showing what they made for the Art By Hand Project.  They were challenged to learn how to do something and make a project to show.  It is mostly geared towards needlework.  We had knitters, weavers, stitchers, embroiderers, a plastic canvas stitched heart, felters, a few handmade cards, and a paper mache animal (I don’t know if it was a donky or pig). 
  • Craft – We made the Hand Stitched Valentine Card craft.  It was nice to have parents on hand to give one-on-one support to new stitchers.  You need:
    • Pre cut card stock.  I had white cardstock and used a paper slicer to cut it in half.
    • Pre cut pink hearts. 
    • Sharp tipped yarn sewing needles pre-threaded with dental floss (double folded and pre-knotted)
    • Markers to decorate the card
    • Optional – a glue stick or two may help with those struggling with keeping the heart on pre-stitch.
    • Instructions: Fold the card however you want.  Don’t forget to start the stitch from the back (so the knot stays inside).  Stitch the hearts onto the front of the card.  Easy peasy.  And we didn’t have any poked fingers so that was nice. 

7:30 – Campfire (we had some business to discuss about next week).  Fire’s Burning, Land of the Silver Birch (during which I spilled my drink – CLUTZ!), Buzzard Song. 

7:45 – Close, then snack and girls to show off their artwork – Masks and Art by Hand  to their parents

It was a nice meeting – some of the parents were a little reluctant to play along at first, but they did.  We had Circle Group with only Dads in it and the bunch of them skipping around the toadstool was a sight to behold.  Next Week is Thinking Day.

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