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About six years ago, one of our tougher Brownies declared that our Christmas Ornament Craft was the Best Craft Ever.  We had our last meeting before the break last week and we did it again.

Other years we had a resource person come in with everything prepped.  This year, she wasn’t available, so Snowy Owl and I did it.  All I have to say is that there’s lots to do.  I’m glad we started early.

What I learned: it isn’t a cheap craft (probably $4-6 per girl), it pays to set up separate containers of everything you need in advance.   I set up three stations with exactly the same stuff at each.  It is a heck of a lot of work, but it really is the best craft ever.  Girls love to be trusted with pins and to have such a neat craft to do.  The results are very pretty.

Go to Better Homes and Gardens for instructions.  Enjoy the photos (I just wish I could share the pics of the happy smiling faces of the girls too).

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bce2013-12-10 08.33.53

bce2013-12-10 08.34.01


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If you are a friend, family member or significant other of a Guider and you’re trying to figure out a gift to give them, I have a few suggestions for things that could make your Guider’s life easier that she might not buy for herself.

This post is modeled on the Gifts For Knitters series on www.YarnHarlot.ca.

Cara’s Gifts for Girl Guide Leaders list:

  • Electric Pencil Sharpener ($40 at Staples) – do you know how many pencils and pencil crayons Guiders have to sharpen during the year?  I have an awesome electric pencil sharpener that I got from a yard sale for $4. I doubt you’ll find one for that price in a store, but look for one that is described as “Heavy Duty” – especially if it might go to camp.
  • Mini Bluetooth/Wired Portable Speaker ($20 at the Source) – whatever the need for music (dancing, a game, or just to listen to), I appreciate having a small but powerful speaker in my kit. 
    • Wired: I have used an iHome Speaker from Walmart ($19) and it was fine (pretty good sound that filled the room).
    • Bluetooth/Wired:I just upgraded to a Gadgetree Bluetooth one from the Source (reg $40, but on for $20 right now).  I like the Gadgetree one because of Bluetooth.  It is really good quality too (the store did a side-by-side demo and this one won hands down).  We played Christmas music last night and it filled the gym nicely over the chatter of the meeting.
  • Music Player – I use my iPhone to play music, but if your Guider doesn’t have an MP3 player, that might be a good gift too.  (If your Guider already has one, check to make sure she knows how to use it – a new skill is a gift that keeps on giving)
  • Appropriate Kid music that won’t drive the Guiders crazy – ModernKiddo’s post Kiddo Dance Party Heck Yeah! has a pretty good list of kid-appropriate tunes that everyone will like.  I’m compiling a Brownie/Kid appropriate playlist for our unit.  It is kind of reminding me of the old “mix tape” days but it is nice to have a set of songs ready to go.
  • Music resources for Guiders to learn Guiding Songs.
    • Melinda Caroll is a Girl Scout Leader in the US with a vast library of Scouting and Guiding Songs.  An iTunes card might make your Guider happy.
    • Sing a Long for Sparks and Brownies from the Girl Guides Ontario Shop (scroll to the bottom) is an EXCELLENT resource for new Guiders.   It is a teaching CD that sets Guiders up to teach songs well. Song List
  • Scissors are always in demand. (Pipe cleaners are murder on them – maybe some small wire snips would be good too)  I like the scissors you get at Ikea (the three pack for around $5) because they’re pretty good quality, but not too expensive so that you’re upset if they get damaged or don’t come home with you.
  • Door Stops (inexpensive/home made) – I’ve asked a woodworker I know to make some doorstops/wedges out of scrap wood from his shop.  The school we use has really heavy doors and there are times that you need them to stay open.  Some “owned by Brownies” doorstops are on my list. (Believe it or not, I’m most excited about this gift idea!  Guiders are weird.)

Now, a small word of caution … make sure you know your Guider before you get her this stuff.  Be careful getting gifts that could be seen to be supporting Girl Guides (and not her).  One recipient might think “wow, something to make my Guiding life easier – this person really cares”, while another might take offense that you didn’t pick something for them personally.

Also, if you’ve tripped across this post as a parent of a Girl Guide, I’d suggest that a heartfelt thank you is all your Guider needs.  The best Guider gift I ever got was a card during Volunteer Week saying thanks for volunteering.

Is there anything that I missed?  Something you love that you think would be an awesome Gift to a Guider?

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Best Craft Ever

Snowy Owl attended a workshop on Christmas Crafts last year and was very enthusiastic about this ornament craft.  We found out why when it was declared the “Best Craft Ever” by one of our more difficult Brownies.

This “Winter Ornament” involved covering foam balls with felt and using decorative pins to fasten it on.  They were very pretty.  As usual, it required preparation and planning, and it wasn’t a cheap project.  But the girls loved it.

Tip: Make one yourself first.  Having an example (and some experience) under your belt is always a good thing.

Go to: Better Homes and Gardens Felt Covered Christmas Ornament.  (Updated Nov 2011 with new link – it works now).


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