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Brownies are going camping in the next couple of weeks and we’ve been quietly covering most of the Key to Camping requirements.  But there have been a few gaps and this meeting should fill those… but it won’t be very comprehensive for those of you covering this key (sorry about that).


6:30 Arrival Game – girls choice (the girls love making games up so it works).

6:40 Circle Inspections

6:50 Brownie Circle

7:00 Key to Camping

  • Discussion – Camping know how – Organize the food and cooking plans with your unit, so that everyone has a job. How do we organize ourselves at camp? (Patrols). what kind of chores do we do? What should our patrol names be this time?
  • Discussion – Lost & found in the outdoors Hug a Tree Program 
  • Teach (Which Way badge) – what are compasses? What are cardinal points?  An instrument containing a magnetized pointer that shows the direction of magnetic north and bearings from it. (Google)

7:15 – Game – Cardinal Points game from Becky’s site

7:25 – Activity – Compass Drawings from Becky’s site.  You need dots pages or graph paper, pencils.

7:35 – Introduce Thinking day – Guiding with Jewels has a great intro.  (we’ll do the first part of the discussion)

7:45 – Songs – featuring Hey Hey Hey, it’s Thinking Day and Twelve Days of Girl Guide Camp and a few other songs.

7:55 Close and wrap up.

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Ever have a week where you look up and it’s almost Tuesday again (or whatever night your unit meets) and you’re not prepared?  We’ve been pretty good about putting together meeting plans – but for some reason, last night’s plan was pretty sketchy.

hearts game 2013-02-12 20.01.09

Snowy Owl setting up the Stack the Hearts Game

With the power of the internet and www.Activity Village.co.uk, Snowy Owl Christine turned our vague notes (ditty bags, and maybe Valentine’s Day??) into a pretty awesome meeting.

6:30 Arrival ActivityValentine’s Day Grid activities from Activity Village  HEART Puzzle …  Solution  LOVE PuzzleSolution.  These were very well liked.     Explained it to the first arrivals – then they were to show the next girls to arrive how to do it.  And then those girls were to show the girls after that.  Worked really well.

6:45 – Brownie Circles – TASK in Circles – talk about what you’d like to do and eat at camp – in addition to regular circle activities.

6:55 – Brownie Ring

7:00 – Program

  • Camp Discussion – what to eat & do?  Talk about what you do at camp and then what you eat at camp.
  • Discussion about Ditty Bags (Leader needs kit lists and show and tell about Ditty Bags).  We need three or four kits – with regular Ditty Bag stuff with some ringer items (non-marked plate, small toy, ceramic mug, empty pill bottle, hair comb)
  • Ditty Bag Relay (from Ditty Bag post)hearts 2013-02-12 20.04.37

7:20 – Craft Origami heart from Activity Village.  Simple paper folding.  Cute.

7:35 –Game

7:45 – Campfire

7:55 Close

Snowy Owl told me she misses being involved in writing up the plans… and last night proved that she’s great at it.

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Brownie and Spark camp was a lot more popular than I expected and we are three people over capacity in the building we booked.  After asking for permission from the property people to allow us to have three extras in the cabin (answer was no), we were either going to have to limit the number of campers, or look for another solution.

The older girls (second years who are eight or nine years old) who have been with us for two years and two leaders (me included – happy skip!) will stay in tents overnight on Friday.

I love to stay in a tent.  It is quiet.  The air is cool and crisp.  And it is like playing house when I was a little kid.  But it sure does require a complete turn around in our thinking and what these kids need to bring.

Sample Kit Lists: (these are all based on kit lists provided by the 154th Ottawa Guides.  I’ve adapted the first two for Brownies.  The last is straight from the 154th)

Thanks Agnes, Darlene and Michelle for the great Kit Lists.

Do you have a kit list (for any age or  level) you’d like me to include here?  E-mail brownowlcara <at> gmail <dot> com and I’ll add em.  Please provide an intro so we know who you are, and what the kit list sample is from e.g. Pathfinder Winter camp or a Spark residential camp.  And please de-personalize it.

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It has been a busy couple of weeks and the blog has suffered a bit for it.  I am moving house at the beginning of May, so my life has been consumed by that.  And it will continue to be.  But I’ll try to post later in the week.  I’ve got plenty of things to to tell you about.

  • Last week was particularly exciting – we had a special guest booked and she called about 10 minutes after the meeting started to tell us her keys were locked in her car.  I’m really proud of the team – we pulled together on a games meeting and it worked fine – and even mostly on the original theme.  The only glitch was that we only knew two of the actions for the Romeo and Juliet game.  Tonight we’re visiting a Girl Guide unit (so nothing to plan!) and the Guides have promised to fill in the blanks for Romeo and Juliet.  I will share.
  • And Guider Janice has a neat idea about having Sparks come to Brownies and do the Your Day Badge that we’ll share soon.
  • Also, we’re going Camping!  Have you checked out my Brownie Camping file?  We’ve got a few different Guiders going to this camp so it is really interesting to see the different (and fresh) ideas that have come out of it (some of them are in the file, some aren’t).  And I promise to share.

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten you.  I know you’re planning your end of year stuff, thinking about Advancement, and going camping.  Have fun with it.  I’ll get my act together and will post again soon.



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When Brownies go on outings that cost money, you’ve always got to figure out what to charge.

Some things to think about (aka obvious lessons learned as a Brown Owl who is an idiot with finances):

  1. In my opinion, Volunteers do not pay for admission!   Work out the cost of admission for the whole group and divide the cost by the number of girls you think are going to go.  We often charge the actual cost of admission to the participants and pay the Guider admisison from the Brownie Budget.  There are special events like an international camp with older girls that the volunteer may have to pay – but even then, fundraising is a better option.
  2. Don’t forget to calculate the tax!
  3. What to do when some can’t afford to pay…?  Does your area offer subsidies (Camperships) for girls who cannot afford to go to camp?  Can your unit subsidize if the area doesn’t?  Can you fundraise?
  4. Budgeting in the beginning of the year is a big help (or at least I’m told it is… again, for someone who is a fanatic about planning, I’m shockingly lax on planning our budget!).  With cookie money coming in, you can usually plan to keep costs low.

Happy Camping.

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