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Girl Guides of Prince Edward Island shared this on their Facebook page today and I think this is COOL. We’re doing Key to the Arts (Act it Out) this year and this might be a nifty craft to make that happen.

Check out DIY Spoon Puppets from Kid Play Do.

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Our first camp of the year (we had two!) was a winter camp that was a roaring success.

We had fantastic weather, lots of snow, a great group of girls – the perfect number , not too much to do for program, and enthusiastic/mostly well-rested Guiders.  It was a fun camp.

Highlights and Notes:IMG_1341

  • There are some definite advantages to holding a winter camp (vs. the usual summer/spring camp).  There are no bugs, the weather is going to be cool – so you dress for it, you’re not sweaty and gross all the time (and dreaming of a shower).  As long as you’re dressed for it, you can stay outside all day.  And there are some really interesting things to do (snowshoeing, fort building, sliding, etc.).  We got really lucky and overnight (while we were in buildings) it was around Zero Celsius, but it was as high as 10 degrees in the day.  You don’t always get that lucky.
  • Our camp had snowshoes to borrow and we had a lot of fun on a trail.  Some girls loved it.  Some had a lot of trouble.  It gets better with practice.
  • We often pack bins and bins of supplies for just-in-case.  This time we specifically planned not to plan.  We’re not crazy… we had lots of colouring supplies, a few planned crafts and activities, and Snowy Owl had Origami paper – but that probably represented two grocery bags worth of stuff… not three bins of it.
    • Yarn hat craft – took about 40 minutes. Required paper towel roll rings, and yarn pre-rolled into small balls.  Girls cut yarn into strips on their own.  The kids are still remarking on it.  They loved it.
    • Outside Wide Game – In teams, collect string that the Guiders have hidden in the woods – tie it together using reef knot to make the longest knot.  Supplies – yarn (I used bright orange so we’d see it all) cut into strips.
    • Origami- we had paper and a pattern for Monster Bookmarks.  Very popular.
    • Ice Hangings – these were really cool.  We had the girls collect treasures from nature for their pie plates.  Then we poured water over them overnight – we made art that just melted after we left.  Cool.patrol2
  • Patrol Bandanas – each patrol got a different coloured fabric ring (I cut up old men’s XL T-shirts making rings from the bottom of the shirt up)  Note – XL shirts were too big to make a good hairband – next time I’ll try men’s L shirts.

I get lots of questions about meals.  Here’s what we ate (Thanks Guider Jen!):

  • Friday Mug Up – Homemade soup with cheese and crackers.
  • Saturday Breakfast – Homemade pancakes with breakfast sausage and lots of fruit.
  • Morning snack: homemade granola bars.
  • Lunch: Grilled cheese using flour tortilla instead of bread, with humus and veggies.
  • Afternoon snack: Marshmallows on fire.
  • Supper: Chicken Stew.  With birthday cake and ice cream for dessert.
  • Evening snack: we were prepared with popcorn, but didn’t need it.
  • Sunday breakfast: Muffins and fruit
  • Snack: leftovers.
  • 11 AM departure.

It was a really good camp.  I think we need to plan another one for next year.

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