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This is kinda cool… could Brownies make their own sunscreen?  Might be a little expensive, but it would be a neat chemistry sort of activity – maybe at a residential camp.


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I’m a knitter and am always so amazed (and a bit jealous) at how fast weaving works up.  I bet Brownies would respond well to the speed too!

Here are some kid friendly weaving tutorials… Make a Weaving Frame from www.montessoriworld.org and Weaving a Bookmark from http://www.auntannie.com/.

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Edible Campfire - Putting in the Kindling

The Edible Campfire activity is an excellent way to demonstrate how to build a campfire without actually lighting a match.

Here are some Edible Campfire ideas.

Our Edible Campfire

Text from Snowy Owl’s bag of tricks
(Brackets = Supplies)

  1. When we make a campfire, we need a clear area (dinner napkin) and we like to use an established fire pit (make a fire pit ring in skittles, M&Ms, Mini Marshmallows, or chocolate rocks)
  2. Do we have the right safety equipment on hand?  (Cup of water).  Also – Pull back your hair, and make sure you’re not wearing anything that could hang into the fire.  Find more about fire safety here too.
  3. A good campfire needs kindling – small sticks that will light easily but keep burning for a while.  Build an A frame or other structure.  (Hickory Sticks or small pretzels).
  4. Next we need a fire starter – something that will keep burning long enough to catch the tinder on fire. (Raisins to be sprinkled around the fire)
  5. And then we need tinder – these are smaller than kindling and catch fire easily.  (break up a piece of Hickory Stick into small bits and sprinkle over the fire)
  6. Now we can light our match  (light imaginary match).  Watch the fire start!  (Place Red candies like Mike and Ikes, or Swedish berries).
  7. Now that the fire is going, you want to carefully add larger logs in a log cabin pattern or similar.  (Breadsticks or bigger Pretzels make good logs)
  8. Once the fire has been burning for a bit, you get coals – the best conditions for cooking or roasting marshmallows.  (Place another redish candy – Hot lips, or Fuzzy Peach) and watch the fire burn.

Now your fire is done.

In our case, this is the last activity before Camp Close – parents are usually arriving.  Girls are instructed to pick up the four corners of the napkin and put the whole thing in a supplied (plastic zip bag) for the trip home.  It is usually a good photo op for parents and the girls have something to eat on the way home.

All that is left is to put on the coals. Then eat, of course.

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