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One of my favourite non-Guidey blogs is by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka the Yarn Harlot (it is a knitting blog).  When she gets overloaded to a point where she can’t write up a proper post, she’ll write up a “Randomly” one.  And that’s what you get today.

  1. Key to STEM is one of my very favourite keys.  We did Building Up and People in Science (mostly as a copy of the one we did two years ago).
    Building Up Spaghetti and Marshmallows
  2. Tonight we’re bucking the trend of a Halloween Party.  None of the Owls are big fans of the spooky holiday – but here’s what we did in 2012 in case you’re interested.  Instead, tonight we’re holding a Science and Sleuth night.  We’re mostly using the free Mystery Themed meeting kit found on http://www.e-patchesandcrests.com.  We suggested that the girls could wear Scientist or Detective Type costumes (or as a minimum – wear play clothes and have a man’s shirt over the top).  And instead of doing the last item on the list, we’re going to do Blue Goo in honour of Caboosh next week.
  3. If you’re going to do Blue Goo (and oh, please do), make sure you have a source for Borax in advance.  Loblaws and Walmart (in South Ottawa) did not carry it (update – found it in Loblaws Elmvale).  I’ve heard Sobey’s and Metro are good places to go.  It turns out that I had some in Brownie Mountain.  Phew.   I did a test “Goo” and have been playing with it at work all day.  Totally fun.
  4. If you’re on centralized banking in Ontario, a good way to frustrate your treasurer is to lose your mind mix up your Brownie card with your personal Visa. I’m going to write a cheque for the personal groceries I accidentally bought with the Brownie Card, and expense the Brownie groceries I paid for on my personal card.  Yeesh.  Not my shining moment.
  5. Next week we’re hoping to do STEM: Stargazing at the rural home of one of our past Guiders – but if it is rainy or cloudy, our backup plan is to do STEM: Caboosh.  The links are to our previous meetings.

And there you are.  =)

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Today’s post on Zakka Life is called Kid Craft: Packing Peanut Igloo

The post itself is very neat – it shows you how to make a Packing Peanut Igloo – great for a meeting about the Arctic or Canada’s North (check out MyGuideStuff.com for an excellent resource on the Arctic – including crafts, games, and instant meetings), or STEM Building up.   But the added bonus is the revelation that water soluble packing peanuts stick together and can be used to make things.  Who knew?

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One of our favourite activities at the recent Brownie Camp was Building with Boxes.  This was Guider Jennifer’s suggestion from something she saw on a blog but that we can’t find a source for (if you know what this is, I really do want to give proper credit for the idea).  And Guider Jessica cut up a lot of boxes (risking many digits in the process – note, be careful!).

Building With Boxes

The Gist: Provide the girls with with square pieces of cardboard with at least one notch on each side of the squre.  They can notch one piece of cardboard into another one to make a structure.    You’ll note that Jessica cut up a lot of shapes – but the bigger squares and rectangles were the most successful ones for the girls. If (when! this was fun) we do this again, we’ll go with larger shapes.  The smaller ones were a little confusing.

The Challenge: In teams, make the tallest unsupported structure you can.  The first photo here shows the girls leaping back from their tower in the hopes that the thing will stay up.

Review: this was a great teambuilding activity and we’ll do this again.


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How many girls do you have in your units?  We have 20 – other years we had 15.  We’re finding that 20 is a lot of girls (and most of them are in year two).  I think we’ll go back to 15 next year.  But I wonder how other groups do it?

Tonight’s meeting should be pretty cool.  I do enjoy STEM. 

6:30 Arrival – Chocolate Tag from Becky’s site.  As Snowy Owl put it, cooking can be considered sciency. So can melting chocolate.  =)

6:40 Brownie Inspection

6:50 Brownie Circle

7:00 Program

People in Science – what are different jobs in science.  We found Brownie Bright Idea that provided jobs in science (Google Brownie Bright Ideas STEM to find it).  We will use the jobs as a Charades platform.  Talk for 5 minutes, then pair up, then give the pairs 5 minutes to practice their “job” in charades format (silent).  BTW – have you used IT sticks to pick teams or pick who is it?  They make the whole picking people thing so EASY.  Thanks again Guider Janice! 

7:15 Performances

7:25 Penguin tag (again, Animals are sort of sciency…) from Dragon’s Site.  Don’t forget to use the it sticks!

7:30 Building Up – Talk about architecture and different construction methods (domes, triangles, circles, squares).  We have a bunch of images of different types of buildings (find good ideas here).  And http://www.rogersconnection.com/triangles/ has a really good discussion about teaching the strength of different shapes in construction.

7:45 Marshmallow and Spaghetti building exercise – Brownie Bright Ideas (that I can’t link to but you can google) has that too with toothpicks, but we like spaghetti.    The challenge is to make a tower or building with unconventional materials that stays up.   The girls love it.  And for the grown ups, this is a TED TV discussion about the Marshmallow Challenge.  that is pretty interesting.  (Suitable for everyone)

8:00 close.


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Have you ever made your own hovercraft!?  The folks at http://www.thechocolatemuffintree.com/2011/06/cd-hovercraft.html have posted a neat tutorial for one that looks like loads of fun.  It probably would fit into STEM Caboosh, or Building up.   As well as Key to the Living World: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The big thing will be to give the girls balloons that they can blow up on their own.  =)

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