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Guider Janice has been a long-time commenter on this site and the other day she e-mailed to ask for my opinion on how to make a talky meeting more fun.  I was honoured to be asked (she is Guider Janice of “It Sticks” fame, after all) and I asked if she’d mind if we posted the final version here for you to see.

This meeting plan centres around the “Your Day” badge in Key to My Community.  Janice’s Brownies have invited a Sparks Unit to join their group as guests – and at the end, they’ll have earned their first Brownie badge too.  My question is, does your unit celebrate individual birthdays?  We don’t.  It is too tough to keep track of, and the summer birthdays are left out.  But we do try to do an “UnBirthday” to celebrate everyone’s big day together.  It is lots of fun!  And good filler for when you’ve run out of program or are transitioning from one key to the next.

6:00 Arrival

  • Attendance/Dues
  • Sparks join circle
  • Write words as to Why are we special?  (Guider will collect these from the Brownies for addition to their scrapbooks).

6:15 Circle Opening

  • Opening Circle
  • Brownie Song
  • Brownie Promise
  • Welcome Sparks
  • Talk about tradtion vs celebration.  Raise your hand if you have ever celebrated a birthday.  Can anyone tell me whether birthdays are a celebration or a tradition?  Celebration.  Give an example of a different celebration?  Canada Day.  What is an example of a tradition?  Remembrance Day.
  • The tradition of Birthday Parties
  • How do you celebrate your birthday?  How are birthdays celebrated in other countries? Let’s compare Canada and Mexico…
    • Mexico – Celebrate two birthdays.  Paper flower decorations.  Three wishes if the child blows out candles in one breath.  Coyote and Sheep Game.
    • Both – say happy birthday.  Cake and candles – Birthdays ‘spanks’ – Piniata – Gifts – Games – Friends and family celebrate – decorations.
    • Canada – Sing happy birthday.  Multicultural activities – one wish after blowing out candle – treat bags – balloons.

6:30 – Program – UnBirthday Celebration – Alice in Wonderland Fun!

7:00 – Game.  Caucus Race from: Caucus Race and other Alice in Wonderland Games and Activities.  Supplies: Music and player, six hula hoops.

7:15 – Campfire, closing, Squeeze, and announcements.  Question – what is the Squeeze?

Thanks Janice for sharing your meeting plan with me (and us!).  I hope the girls have fun with it tonight.

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