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There’s nothing like a camp blanket to visually represent your time in Guiding.  It shows what challenges you’ve done, who you’ve met, where you’ve been, and what you like to do.  2013-04-30 iPhone 001

The photo here kind of implies that I’ve got my act together and have dutifully sewn on all of my crests… but that is a fib.  There are about six crests actually sewn on, but seeing it laid out in its potential glory is encouraging.  Guider Marie suggests that it is best done with a needle and thread.  She uses “thread to match the outside threads on each badge/patch.. it takes time, however I like the result… ”

Tonight’s meeting was about Brownie Memories.  We mostly re-used the meeting from two years ago with a little bit of revision.

6:30 – Earth Day Word search we didn’t use last week Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Word Search (from alschutzman.com)

6:40 – Brownie Inspections

6:50 – Brownie Circles

7:00 Program

We put away the toadstool and Snowy Owl and I showed the girls the crests that we’ve collected through the years.  I had my old Brownie scarf and belt, and Snowy had her Guide and Pathfinder sashes.  And I just talked about the different kinds of crests and badges that we had.  It was neat to show them the traders and swaps I had and how the different challenge crests actually look when they’re put together.  I was pretty surprised at how interested they were in this.

7:10 – Brownie Memory books from 2011 Meeting – have you used Pocket Mods for Memory books?  They take a bit of time, but are a bit of magic.  Check out the post for links to templates.  Practice putting one or two together before the meeting.

  • 10 minutes assembling the books
  • 10 minutes getting autographs and decorating

7:30 – we cleaned up the gym and went outside to play some games – Time Bomb is in the list on this site: http://www.girlguidinghantswest.org.uk/games/30sec_1/menu.php

7:50 – Campfire and Close.

I have lots of stuff to catch you up on, and I will (might be a summer project).  But we have four more meetings to go till Brownie Free Tuesday.

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 I am looking forward to the end of the year (I always do), but I’m also always a little sad to see it go.  If I’m honest, (and as much as I love Brownies) the best day of the entire year is the first Tuesday without Brownies – June 7 is so close!

We have one more regular meeting  (tonight) and then next week is the End of Year Banquet where the girls advance.

Tonight’s plan:

6:30 arrival game (Girls Choose) – The went with Octopus.

6:40 Brownie Circles

6:50 Brownie Ring

7:00 Program

Brownie Memories – This is where we talk about the past year and make a Memory Book.

Memory Book template using the Pocket Mod idea (although the site was frustrating, it was fairly easy to figure out how to make it myself):

  1. I made my own Pocket Mod that looks like this…Brownie memories – It really is a simple table printed on one sheet of paper.  I made a template using PowerPoint…  Click here for my end of year booklet template. 
  2. Girls will need to cut off the two short edges.
  3. Then make folds (as shown in How to fold your Pocket Mod).
  4. Then make cuts in the centre of the page as shown.
  5. Girls really took to this project.  I will do this again.

Then we went outside to play a game:

Time Bomb was very cool.  It is the sixth from the top on this site: http://www.girlguidinghantswest.org.uk/games/30sec_1/menu.php

We closed with a Campfire – girls requested songs and we finished with Make New Friends.

Easy peasy.  Happy almost last night!

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Pocket Mods were reviewed today on Cool Tools.  I have seen them used on Guiding With Jewels for a Thinking Day Passport.  They’d probably also make a good memory book template for Key to Guides: Brownie Memories or Key to the Arts: Best of Brownies.

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