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Our unit is going camping soon and as part of the communications home to parents I found myself creating this illustrated explanation of how WE (the 119th Ottawa Brownies) would like bags to be waterproofed. I emphasize the WE part… other units may (almost certainly) have other instructions and ways of doing things.

Setting the stage: This is a residential camp (in a heated building) with bunks and mattresses provided. We want bags to be waterproofed so that they make it from the parking lot to the building (500 meters) on the way in, and so that they can be placed outside in whatever the weather to wait for parents on the way out of camp while we close the building on Sunday.


  • All items must be marked with the Camper’s name.
  • Make sure your camper packs her own stuff. One of the first things we do at camp is to say “please find your flashlight”. Girls who packed their own bags will know where to find it. Also, girls should be able to identify their own stuff too.
  • We allow clear recycling bags for waterproofing. Anything we can’t see through might be mistaken for garbage and you don’t want that.
  • Soft sided bags are important – we need things to be able to fit (squish) underneath a bunk. No hard sided suitcases or laundry baskets please.
  • In Girl Guides (and older years) girls may be asked to prepare a tarped rolled bedroll. This is too much for our residential Brownie camp. We’d prefer to spend the time outside playing over rolling up 20 bedrolls on Sunday.

Option One – Big Zip Bags.  I like this for my bedroll. 

BrownOwlWPBedroll BrownOwlWPBedroll2

Option Two – Line a Duffle Bag with a clear plastic bag. Put the clothes in the clear bag and make sure it is sealed tight. Zip the duffle bag over top. The outer bag may get a little wet, but the stuff inside will be nice and dry.


Option Three – Dry Bag – only if you have one. They’re about $20-$40 per bag – Available at Canadian tire and other camping stores.

2016-02-28 09.40.40

And there you go. Preparing to go to camp shouldn’t be expensive. Just ask questions, see what you can sub in or borrow, and do your best. Wishing you a dry camp.  =)

NEXT – look for Brown Owl Cara’s Ditty bag



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Brownies and Sparks are going camping in a couple of weeks and we had our camp prep meeting last night.  This one is a particular favourite of mine – mostly because it means we’re going CAMPING!  =)

Here’s what happened…

6:30 Arrival.  The girls suggested Evolution. I had never heard about it before but it was cute, funny, and apparently fun.  The girls enjoyed it.  I bet we see this again.

6:40 Brownie Circle Inspections

6:50 Brownie Circle

6:55 Program

Part 1 – In small groups – Brainstorm what we want to Do and what we want to EAT.
In Circle groups, a Guider with a big piece of paper and a marker will brainstorm with the girls to get them thinking about what they’ll be doing at camp.  The thing is, we’ve kind of already got an idea too… the Guider needs to nudge the discussion a bit so that things on your plan show up.

Part 2 – As a Group – Go through the Kit List (DropBox).  Guider to bring a mostly packed bag and some samples of different waterproofing.

  • It is important that all your stuff is waterproofed – it is a walk from the parking lot to our building.  We may not be able to get in right away.  And we may need to pile our stuff outside to wait until parents pick up. You’ll be happier if your stuff is dry.
    • Option 1 Dry Bags.
    • Option 2 – a tarped Bedroll (note – this is clunky and a bit much for Brownie Camp – but it’ll keep your stuff dry).
    • Option 3 – Put your stuff in a plastic bag inside a duffel bag or sleeping bag bag.  No Garbage Bags on the outside!  Black Garbage Bags may get thrown out.
  • What is a Ditty Bag and what goes in it?
  • Talk about Sleeping Buddies – You can bring a friend to sleep with (doll or teddy bear) but we recommend that you bring your second best buddy.  I tell the girls that I have a Raggedy Anne Doll that I would be really sad if she got lost, or ripped or dirty.  So I bring Sheep instead.  Sheep is a bit banged up already anyway and, while I would be sad if he got lost, it wouldn’t be as bad as losing Raggedy Anne.
  • Then answer questions.

Ditty Bag Relay (Bottom of the post)

7:40 – Make a Camp Hat Bedroll Craft (piece of plastic garbage bag with fun foam, and felt to make up the bits of a bedroll – use a small “ouchless” hair elastic to put it all together)

7:50 – Campfire.  We taught the Twelve Days of Guide Camp (a favourite camp song).  I usually have them shout “Drop that Snake!”  Quite funny.

Then close.  A fun meeting.  =)

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