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Last night was Valentine’s Day and parent night at Brownies.  (We probably gummed up a few Valentine’s Day dinners by planning parent night, now that I think of it).

Here’s what we did:

6:00 – Guider arrival for setup – and final craft prep.  We put up some chairs.

6:30 – Girl and Parent Arrival. 

  • Girl Game (while the parents got settled): Line Tag. 
  • Then Group Game (including parents): Barnyard Tag.  I can’t find a link so I’ll describe it.  But I am not the author of the game.  Pair up.  Assign an animal sound to each pair.  Separate the pairs.  Close your eyes (or blindfold people).  On GO, everyone makes their sound and tries to find each other.  Hilarious.  Even more fun because the parents were in on it.  Very cute.

6:45 – Circle Time – one parent joins the groups.  Goal is to have the girls show the parent what they do in circles.  And teach them the song.

6:55 – Brownie Circle.  Parents join the circles.

7:00 – Program

  • Parents Sit – Girls do their Highland Dance Demo.  This was very cool – thank heavens though that Starry Owl remembered the thing and could lead it. 
  • Art By Hand – Girls have the option of showing what they made for the Art By Hand Project.  They were challenged to learn how to do something and make a project to show.  It is mostly geared towards needlework.  We had knitters, weavers, stitchers, embroiderers, a plastic canvas stitched heart, felters, a few handmade cards, and a paper mache animal (I don’t know if it was a donky or pig). 
  • Craft – We made the Hand Stitched Valentine Card craft.  It was nice to have parents on hand to give one-on-one support to new stitchers.  You need:
    • Pre cut card stock.  I had white cardstock and used a paper slicer to cut it in half.
    • Pre cut pink hearts. 
    • Sharp tipped yarn sewing needles pre-threaded with dental floss (double folded and pre-knotted)
    • Markers to decorate the card
    • Optional – a glue stick or two may help with those struggling with keeping the heart on pre-stitch.
    • Instructions: Fold the card however you want.  Don’t forget to start the stitch from the back (so the knot stays inside).  Stitch the hearts onto the front of the card.  Easy peasy.  And we didn’t have any poked fingers so that was nice. 

7:30 – Campfire (we had some business to discuss about next week).  Fire’s Burning, Land of the Silver Birch (during which I spilled my drink – CLUTZ!), Buzzard Song. 

7:45 – Close, then snack and girls to show off their artwork – Masks and Art by Hand  to their parents

It was a nice meeting – some of the parents were a little reluctant to play along at first, but they did.  We had Circle Group with only Dads in it and the bunch of them skipping around the toadstool was a sight to behold.  Next Week is Thinking Day.

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I’m looking forward to seeing what the people at Skip to My Lou (Sept 18/11 updated with new link) come up with.  They’re promising 30 days of 30 crafts for kids.  The first one (by Zakka Life) looks like a sewing craft that Brownies could do (Key to I Can – Sewing Magic, or Key to the Arts – Art by Hand).

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The gist of the Art by hand project is to challenge the girls to find someone in their life who can teach them a new needlework skill.  We usually schedule Key to the Arts in January and February – our next cycle will be 2011 – 12 – and try to give parents as much notice as possible so that they can find a teacher. 

Personally, I’m a knitter.  But the challenge can be met by embroidery, quilting, crochetting, corking, weaving, or any other hand work.  This looks like a super cool idea too:  Felted Finger Puppets.

Source: http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2011/03/how-to_felted_finger_puppets.html

From Craftzine!

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