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Snowy Owl had an idea a few weeks ago… “What if each circle group makes up their own board game? That sounds like fun, right?” Not only did it sound like fun, it WAS fun. 2017-02-07-19-45-44

Program Connections: 

  • Key to I Can Special Interest Badge – Design a game that would be fun for you and your friends to play. Include instructions, decide how to win the game, and identify what you are allowed (or not allowed) to do. Make the game using recycled materials. Teach the game to other friends.
  • Key to Living World – (5) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle / Terrific trash Interest Badge – make your board game with reusable materials.
  • Key to Me (7) Helping Others – what would you do if … a girl was left out of a game… This activity sets up a situation where someone might get left out. Opportunity to discuss what to do and offer resources for dealing with it.2017-02-07-19-46-10

Pre-meeting prep:

  • Assemble one kit per circle group with stickers, construction paper, fun foam, tape, glue sticks, a game timer, we had some dice-sized wooden blocks I got at the dollar store, markers, scissors, pencils, and blank paper. It all went into shoe boxes — but camp basins would work well for this too.
  • Have a sharing table of optional supplies – I’ve been collecting old bits of games so I had a variety of dice (letter, colour, regular dotty, and a couple of Scatergories dice), some buttons that could be used as game pieces, cardboard cereal boxes to be used as game bases and anything else they might need.
  • Give each circle a big zip bag to hold their game at the end. Games need to be flat and fit in the bag to go home with Brown Owl. They will probably come back out at camp. 2017-02-07-19-46-22


6:30 Arrival – Play a game like Streets and Alleys.

6:40 Circle Activities

6:50 Brownie Ring

7:00 Program (5 minutes)

  • Talk about Reduce Reuse Recycle – why should we reduce waste? What can we do to reduce waste? Discuss what goes in what bin (the girls know this better than the adults – let them tell you).
  • Reuse old material in a new way. Let’s make a board game out of reusable materials.
  • Talk about what to do if someone is being left out.

7:05 Create a game (20 minutes)

  • Each circle will make up a game out of leftovers and reusable materials.
  • Board games need to fit into the big zip lock bag and be flat.
  • Don’t make the game too complicated. You’re going to have to teach and explain the game in just a few minutes so make sure it is easy to explain and understand.
  • Think about the rules – what are you allowed to do (and not allowed to do) during the game?
  • How do you win the game? (Think of this part first and work backwards)

7:25 Teach and play the game.

  • Each girl will get to teach their game once and play someone else’s one time.
  • 7:30 First Round — At game play time, choose three girls from each group to STAY at their circle to teach the game. The other three girls will MOVE one circle clockwise in the gym.
  • 7:40ish After around 10-15 minutes, everyone moves back to their own circle, and the three girls who did NOT move last time, will move two circles clockwise and try out that game. 2017-02-07-19-46-39

7:55 – Wrap up and closing songs. 

How they did: Three of the four groups were very good. We got two games that were pretty standard… like chutes and ladders … and one that was very clever where they had to roll a letter die and come up with a bunch of words that matched the letter that came up. The last one was confusing and weird, but they had fun making it.

What to do with the games – I kept all four games (Brownie Mountain needs more stuff, right?) and will bring them out again at camp. With six people in on the game and some of my own stuff in the final product we won’t be sending the games home with one of the six.

Review – the girls loved this. They were engaged and interested. They really didn’t need us except to keep them moving for time. It was a great meeting.

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I promised some Key to Me content and last night’s meeting plan fits the bill.  Tonight I’m leading the Girl Guide Needlework badge.  Wish me luck!

6:30 – Intro Activity 

  •  My Me Message – have the girls use the letters of their first names to write a message about their interests and qualities.  Supplies: Markers and either the printed “My Me Message” or just a piece of paper. It took about 2o minutes.
  • This was a good exercise and it was generally well done – there were some letters that we struggled with (O was trouble –  Opposite was a good answer).
  • Also, last week we discovered that most of our girls are in French School.  We’re an English group, but our kids aren’t learning in English so writing tasks are a little tougher.  Not insurmountable, but we’ll need to adjust.  The easy adjustment was… just find words in French that go with your name.

6:45 Circle Inspections – We introduced a girl driven incentive system this year.  I’ll tell you about it in another post, but I think it’ll work.

6:50 – Brownie Circle – we learned some things from sharing a sleepover with another unit – We’ve always used, “Brownies, Brownies, where are you” to call them to Circle… but we didn’t know to call the circles to do their song by calling “Leprechauns Leprechauns, where are you?”  I’m always learning.  We used to just call “Leprechauns”.  Am I the only one who didn’t know this?

7:00 Program Discussion

  • Who am I – what do you do well and what would you like to do better?
  • Fun alone – what activities are fun to do by yourself?
  • My Favourite things – what do you like to do best?
  • Then Badges – How to earn badges and keys.

7:15 Game – Helicopter (need skipping ropes – 1 per group)

  • One girl is IT and stands with a skipping rope. All the other girls stand around her in a circle. The girl in the centre twirls the skipping rope over her head. The other girls chant “Helicopter, helicopter, please come down!” and the girl who is it says “Only if you…” and fills in the end of the sentence with something that is true about herself (eg. “Only if your favourite colour is orange!” or “Only if you have two sisters!”) All the girls for whom the sentence is true move to the middle. It brings the skipping rope to the floor and spins in a slow circle as the girls in the middle try to jump over the rope. Whoever stomps on the rope is next to be It.

7:30 About Me Collage

  • Have the girls cut out pictures of different things they like from magazines or newspapers. Encourage them to include some activities they’ve never done, but would like to try. Glue the pictures to a piece of card stock.

7:55 Close.

And that’s that.  Next week we’re helping out at the Food Bank as part of Key to My Community.  And I’ll let you know how the needlework meeting goes.  =)

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Tomorrow night we’ll be doing the Canada Flag meeting I posted last week.  Yes, another repeat, but it is a good one to repeat for Remembrance Day.  Thankfully Guider Janice has provided me with her library of meetings and I can fill a huge gap in the content on my site with some Key to Me: Self Esteem.  You’ll note that they run their meetings a little differently than we do … I’m just the typist on this post.

6:00 Arrival

  • Greet Brownies and Parents
  • Circles: Attendance and dues
  • Circles: Draw on the Fun Alone Sheet: Scrapbook_fun_alone (PDF – Cut in half). This activity will need a little assistance so that the girls move along at an efficient pace in order to get to the main part of the meeting. Have them put these forms in the Orange dues bags so that the Guider can collect them after the meeting.

6:15 Opening

  • Opening Circle
  • Brownie Opening Song
  • Recite the Brownie Promise

6:20 Program – Discussion

  1. Define Self Esteem (read about it from Guiding with Jewel’s post on Self Esteem and Scrapbooking)
    • Esteem
    • Self
  2. Discuss self esteem – not the same as bragging or being conceited
  3. Ways to increase your self esteem:
    • Make a list of things you are good at
    • Give yourself three compliments each night when you get into bed
    • Some things can’t change and are wonderful about each of us (examples: skin colour and shoe size)
    • Talk yourself out of any little negative thoughts that try and pop into your brain by saying positive things to yourself.
    • Always focus on your positive qualities
  4. If time permits, have a discussion about how the Brownie Promise, Law and Motto as well as their circle songs are present to help us develop and build our self esteem.  When you do them (example: I promise to do my best) then you can feel really good about yourself.

6:35 Program – Activity

  1. Girls should stand up where they are and shout: I AM SPECIAL, I AM IMPORTANT, I AM ME, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MYSELF NO MATTER WHAT!
  2. Girls should quickly line up in two rows facing each other… separate friends … and have the girls across from each other introduce themselves while shaking hands and then tell the other girl that “They (the other girl) are special” and then to the other girl, “I am special”.
  3. Then quickly get back into their groups.  Colour/write on 5 flower petals (PDF Scrapbook_flower_esteem) five things that they like about themselves or are good at, or what they like about their family, church, school, etc.  Each little expression will go onto one of the petals.  Sheets will be collected so they can be cut up and put into their end of year scrapbook.

7:15 Campfire

7:25 Closing

Thanks Guider Janice!

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52 Character Building Thoughts for Children http://kellybear.com/TeacherArticles/TeacherTip52.html is something I found through www.stumbleupon.com.  I can see using it as part of Key to Me: I feel Proud and Respecting Others.

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