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If you’re a Brownie Guider, I’m going to guess that you already know that Brownies love drama. This meeting was a good mix of experimenting with creativity and a chance to play.

  • Program Area: Experiment and Create
  • Theme: Art Studio
  • Activities: Unit’s Own Art Studio and What is it? (we didn’t actually do What is it, but it is similar to what we did do and it fits the time).

6:30 – Arrival Game – Girl’s Choice (picked the week before) Line tag, I think.

6:40 – Brownie Circles – off to your corners for attendance. This time we also asked them to discuss How does a good audience behave? How does a bad audience behave?

6:50 – Brownie Ring

7:00 – Program – talk about being an audience. Think about: How do you respond if you are enjoying a performance (cheer, yay, bravo)? What about if you don’t like it (bad example – boo, hiss and good examples – polite applause – constructive criticism)? How do you watch a performance (bad manners, good manners).

7:05 – Warm up – let’s act like animals. Be a cat. Be a snake. Be an Owl.

7:15 – Puppet Play – I’ve got a bag of Ikea Finger Puppets and we gave each girl a puppet. (You could make your own puppets – stick puppets would be easiest – download a template or have the girls make their own). Sitting in a circle we went through some exercises:

  • Step 1 (2-3 minutes) Individual activity – ask the girls to spend some time getting to know their puppet. Introduce yourself to the puppet. Think about: what is its name? How old is it? Is the puppet fun to be with?
  • Step 2 As a group, girls think about how they could convey emotion, show activity and demonstrate feeling for the puppet? Happy? Sad? Dancing? Scared?
  • Step 3 – go around and introduce your puppet if you like.
  • The activity went a little faster than I thought so the girls played for about 8 minutes. At the end of the playtime, we reconvened and did the introductions again – They had had more time to make friends with the puppets so the intros were much more detailed.

7:35 – Tableau Vivant/Family Portrait Activity. This is from my sister who is a primary school teacher. This was very successful and man did they love it. We moved through Jill’s instruction – started with individual activities, and then quickly moved to groups where we gave them a phrase or topic to make into a scene. We were able to do two sessions and it was a joy to watch.

  • Have a list of activities on hand:
    Practicing Karate, Eating Spaghetti, Climbing a mountain, Flying a kite, Feeding a baby, Building a snowman, Feeding ducks, Making Pizza, Driving a race car, Walking on a tightrope, Rowing a boat, Lifting Weights, Raking leaves, At the zoo, Making a sandcastle, Swimming in the ocean, Playing on the computer, Making pancakes, Watching a scary movie, Washing dishes, Performing an operation, Opening an umbrella, Marching in a parade, Skiing, Putting up a tent

7:55 – Closing and Goodnight.

Review – this went very well and the girls loved having some time to just play. The Tableau Vivant activity had a bonus win for us – we’ve got three painfully shy/nonverbal girls in our unit. There was no talking and that suited our girls nicely. We’re probably going to do this through the year. They had a lot of fun (and everyone was present so we don’t have to explain it to anyone).

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