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We incorporate the Valentines for Vets program (run through Veterans Affairs Canada) into our Key to my Community: Celebrations activities because it is a lovely way to do some crafty community outreach. The site offers lots of guidance on what to do (no sparkles, no floppy bits, avoid taking about death and guns and don’t put a year on it). The kids take it from there… as you can see below, they were very crafty. Note, the 2017 cards needed to be VAC by Feb 1 so add it to next year’s program.


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I took the Brownie craft session at January Thaw yesterday and Guider Suzanne who led the session is one crafty lady. This is just one of her great ideas.

She showed us how to make cute blingy rings for little fingers.


  • You need juice carton inserts (the little loopy thing that you have to unscrew the top to get). Start collecting them now for a super neat craft.
    JUICETOP 2015-01-24 12.00.10
  • Sharpie markers (indelible markers)
  • Stick on jewels.
  • Possibly a glue gun.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Everyone gets an insert and an indelible marker/Sharpie. Girls to colour the top. Collect the markers when they’re done.
    JUICETOP 2015-01-24 12.00.15
  2. Make sure to build in some time for the marker to dry. If you don’t, the jewels won’t stick.
    JUICETOP 2015-01-24 12.02.10
  3. After a minute of dry-time, distribute the stick on jewels and have the girls decorate as they wish – you may need to ration bigger jewels. And because the insert is a little bit rounded or has a pimple in the middle – you might need to use a glue gun.

Super fun. Super cute. Start collecting juice inserts TODAY – and ask your unit parents to collect them too!

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Those of us facing another Canadian Winter know that if you leave white glue out to freeze (i.e. packed in the car during the workday ready for that night’s Brownie meeting), you end up with a gloppy mess that does not resemble glue in any way.

We have discovered that CLEAR GLUE doesn’t change consistency when frozen. I’m not sure if it won’t freeze at all, but it is perfectly useable after being frozen. Further hint… If your kids are looking for a science fair experiment for school, this might work (and I’d love to know the result). And do people from warmer climates have similar issues with storing glue in a hot car?

Finding glue that can be frozen is a big deal for a Canadian Brown Owl that often has Brownie supplies in her car.

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Hawk Owl Jen’s Mom has been surfing Pinterest and found this Paper Plate Owl Craft from HuppieMama.com.  Thanks Sharon for the idea.  =)

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This looks like a great craft. The supplies aren’t that expensive and it should be easy enough for little hands to do (probably not as neatly as the example, but it would be fun to see what happens).

Check out the DIY Fall Shabby Pumpkin from Sara Dawn Designs (definitely follow the link because she has some good instructions and there’s a key one that makes the project).

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If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I grew up in a crafty/make do and mend kind of family. I like that we teach our girls how to manage basic mending – and maybe in the future a few of them will pick up a needle and thread and think of us fondly. Snowy Owl, on the other hand, hates sewing. Does not like it. Not. One. Little. Bit. But that’s the beauty of working with a team. I don’t ever have to go to the ballet or Ray’s Reptiles, and she doesn’t have to sew.

But teaching one person to sew is very different from teaching a group. Preparation and having lots of willing helpers on hand is the key in this case. And neat projects that the girls will love.

I saw this Felt Fox Brooch that I think could be adapted to a group on http://www.dosmallthingswithlove.com.  I first saw the Felt Owl Pouch template that might work for older girls.  Super cute!

And now I can’t get “What the Fox Says” out of my head (for your ear worm pleasure).  =)

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Owl Crafts

Here’s a cute craft that Brownies could definitely do. Check out Kid Craft: Owls from Natural Kids.

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Our recent Brownie Camp included a Be Prepared First Aid Kit made from film canisters (launched a neat discussion about film…NONE of them had heard of film!!), stuffed with gauze (useful for covering wounds), bandages, and alcohol wipes (there are two in the kit – first aider washes hands, and washes the cut). We put a small loop of yarn on the outside for pinning to a hat – stuck with a length of electrical tape (which is useful for taping gauze down) and a safety pin (always useful!).

Our first Aid kit contents:

You could add coins. Check out this film canister first aid kit from a Cub Scout group in Utah for other ideas.

firstaidkits2014-04-12 07.54.47

All tucked into the canister.

firstaid2014-04-12 07.55.50

Final product. (Wrap the electrical tape around 3 – 4 times to get a half meter of tape around the canister)

firstaid2014-04-12 07.52.30

Now that film (and the canisters) are almost non-existent, I asked the Facebook group for suggestions for something like film canisters. Here’s what they said:

  1. Diabetic Test Strip containers – about the size of a C Battery.
  2. Pill Bottles – I’m not a fan of teaching kids to open pill bottles, but they’d do. And someone said that there are easy open ones.
  3. Altoid Tins – they’re a little big, but would do
  4. Tic Tac or Gum Containers.
  5. Snack Baggies or small Jewelry baggies from the dollar store – always useful in a pinch.
  6. Buy dollar store small containers. I think I saw 6 for $1.
  7. Someone had a stash of breast milk containers.
  8. Expired medical sample bottles (unused)… ask your Doctor.
  9. Pool Water test strip containers.

Do you have any ideas?


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I’ll start by saying that I’m very sensitive to noise (I hear really well) so this Harmonica Craft from Housing a Forest looks super cool, but I would probably plan it as the last craft at camp before we send girls home.

Noise sensitivity (aka, my superpower) is a good trait to have as a Brown Owl – I can hear girls conspiring to do something I don’t approve of from great distances and am able to intervene in a way that makes them think I have eyes in the back of my head (so much fun – for me).  So, while noisemaker crafts are not my thing, the girls will love these.

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Guider Leah Holland just posted this neato idea on the Brownies Meet Facebook page.  Leah says that it would be a good welcome to Brownies craft.   So cute!

Easy Pipe Cleaner People

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